Over the last month or two, as service usage has continued to expand, the DevNet Sandbox Team has been putting a lot of engineering concentrating on building out a new Data Center, focused on operational efficiency through automation and infrastructure programmability (you can read about some of the team exploits in Hank Preston’s blogs), so we can give the community more tech goodies to play with, faster, with less effort! We’re also coupling that with some exciting new features in the pipeline on the sandbox usage level, which I’ll be able to announce soon.

But, Cisco product innovation doesn’t stop even for shiny new data centers, so we don’t stop either!

To make sure we keep you hands on and up-to-speed with some of the latest Cisco solutions across our technology portfolio and that you can get super-fast access to them with zero barriers, we’ve just released nine new sandboxes spanning the technology portfolio.

9 DevNet sandboxes
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To start, there’s a couple of new IoT sandboxes to chose from:

  • Cisco On-Prem Edge Compute which will give you instant access to the premise components of Cisco Kinetic and the Edge Fog Processing Module (EFM). IOx provides application management ecosystem for custom applications and security and EFM provides a data flow editor to provide an easy to use construct to extract data quickly and easily.
  • Industrial Networking Sandbox gives you access to IE3400 lab providing a developer with an environment to test IoT features in Cisco Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series switch.


  • Model-Driven Telemetry Sandbox is new and accompanied by lots of other DevNet content. Read Stuart Clark’s Explore Model-Driven Telemetry blog for more information. This sandbox is a development area for developers to experiment with Model Driven Telemetry on IOS XE, IOS XR, and NX-OS, and create their own consumers and transformers for their databases.


  • Stealthwatch is now available for you! Stealthwatch is a comprehensive visibility and network traffic security analytics solution that uses enterprise telemetry from the existing network infrastructure. This Sandbox contains a Stealthwatch Enterprise Environment for developer API testing and includes traffic generation for usable data.
  • Firepower Threat Defense 6.5. This reservation based FTD Sandbox is used to experience programmability options with the Firepower Threat Defense device API. Reserve this sandbox to get access to your private FTD 6.5 instance!

Data Center

  • ACI Sandboxes have been upgraded to the latest releases. That means you can get to know the latest features and API improvements. The ACI Sandbox provides a developer with an environment to design, develop and test using the ACI RESTful APIs over http/https with XML and JSON encodings.


There’s a few new sandbox goodies in the Collaboration section of the portfolio:

  • Cisco BroadWorks (from the BroadSoft acquisition) Newly released, you can now access Cisco BroadWorks is a carrier-grade unified communication software platform, optimized for performance and scale. This Sandbox hosts a full Broadworks preconfigured environment with all the elements that are required for a full cloud deployment. You can create your own user groups, register Andriod SIP client apps, register windows and mac SIP endpoints and make calls and much more!
  • RoomKit sandboxes to v9.9 has been upgraded to make sure you have access to the latest APIs and RoomKit features. The sandbox allows Integrators, IT engineers and application developers can discover the extensibility and learn to code for Cisco Webex Devices, by getting hands-on with In-Room Controls and Macros, but also checking status, changing configuration and sending commands through CE xAPI.
  • PCCE v12.0 is a newly released sandbox that has been requested a lot, so we’re happy to provide you with it! This sandbox packs a collaboration technology punch. It exposes Finesse Agents which can be designated to handle various tasks and calls. SocialMiner is integrated to provide a manual method to inject tasks towards the agents, but you can also code your own solutions! You can create agents, supervisors, teams, and skill groups; experiment with our sample Finesse Gadget, build your own custom Finesse Gadgets, tinker with our provided Task Script or create your own Task script. The lab includes an internal Cisco tool for generating Voice calls to Agents.

9 DevNet Sandbox
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Hopefully, these new releases will keep you innovating, integrating and automating no matter what area of technology you’re interested in! It’s great to see the community growing and it’s fantastic to be able to provide access to this world class technology to see what you’ll create next. We’re working on more exciting releases coming in the new year, too.

Head over to DevNet Sandbox and spin up your developer lab in minutes, crammed with the technologies that mean the most to you!

And why not combine the use of your sandbox when completing a DevNet Learning Lab or trying out some ready-to-go code from DevNet Automation Exchange!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on these new releases. You can head over to the support forum anytime.

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