Meraki has more than 300 API requests in its arsenal. That means network engineers, software developers, and essentially anyone interested in automating their networks have the best and the most useful APIs ready for use. And all this with their awesome interactive API docs.

DevNet offers you a dedicated learning track to help you get started with Meraki APIs. Now, this year at Cisco Live, I would like to introduce you to a more intermediate workshop – “How to optimize your Meraki solutions using Python SDK and Action Batches!

If you have already tried your hands on the Meraki Dashboard API, and want to deep dive further, register for this workshop.

checkmark graphic Here’s what you will learn in these 90 minutes

We will start with our basics. Since you are already familiar with the Dashboard APIs, we will learn how to put them together in a Python script. We will explore the process of parsing through large response data, and picking out what you need to interact with your network as you need!

After covering the basics, we will move ahead and explore the Meraki Python Library. Sure, you can use any programming language or tools (such as Postman, curl, etc.) to make API requests. However, having a Python library will take the excess baggage off your automation process. A client library can make it easier for you to focus on your specific use case, without the overhead of having to write functions to handle the dashboard API calls.

Talk about automation and reducing repetitive work and Action Batches appear! A configuration task which previously took 100 requests can be accomplished in just one using Action Batches. We will walk through the steps for creating Action Batches and utilizing them in your network.

alarm clock graphic Will I have enough time for all the setup?

We have been working hard to develop a new, in-browser, hands-on learning experience, with inline code editing and execution functionality. So, all you have to do is login in your session and stop worrying about your environment setup!

megaphone graphic Register now for Cisco Live!

If you are looking for more DevNet workshops at Cisco Live, see Kareem’s blog.

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Shweta Palande

Developer Advocate

Cisco Meraki