cisco live 2021 turn it upAs we approach Cisco Live Global 2021 (March 30 – April 1), the DevNet Partner community has much to celebrate. So, amp up and bring the noise for this year’s electrifying virtual event.

If you’re a Cisco Partner and you’re building out your schedule, I encourage you to plug in “DevNet” into the search function and sign up for all our DevNet-focused sessions available with your free Explorer pass.

Browse the catalog of sessions and you’ll see why there are so many things to celebrate. You’ll also have an opportunity to sign up for a number of fantastic new DevNet Virtual Workshops, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, and so much more content available with the All-Access Pass ($349 or 4 Learning Credits).

If you haven’t already done so, there’s still time to register for Cisco Live!

Hear why partners are earning their DevNet Specialization

One reason I’m particularly excited is this coming May 2021 marks one full year since the successful launch of DevNet Specialization – and our partners are ready to take the mic and rock! You’ll hear first-hand from our partners who have already earned their DevNet Specialization. And, learn how and why they embraced this as the path towards building their software development and automation practice.

Partners who have become DevNet Specialized to date, have unlocked the value of software automation and they’re ready to share exactly how being specialized helped them meet their business growth goals in an otherwise personal and professionally challenging year.

If you’re a partner integrator, provide, developer or advisor – take this opportunity tune in to all of these great sessions! Turn it up and learn more about how you can grab the mic and kick-start your own journey towards automation and digital transformation for your business.

  • DLBLDR-11– Architect for Agility: How DevNet Empowers Your Team with Software and Automation, featuring Brad Haas, Presidio and Susie Wee, Cisco DevNet
  • BRKDEV-1001 – DevNet: The Power of NetDevOps from Customers to Partners, featuring Garry Richardson of William Hill with Chuck Stickney and Roger Dickinson, Cisco DevNet
  • MTACRT-1100 – Cisco Certified DevNet Associate DEVASC 200-901 Official Cert Guide, featuring Jason Gooley, Chris Jackson, Ashutosh Malegaonkar, and Adrian Iliesiu, Cisco
  • BRKDEV-1576 – Cisco Certified Professionals: Engineers of the Future, featuring Carole Warner Reece, NetCraftsmen and Joe Clarke, Yusuf Bhaiji, DuAn Lightfoot, Cisco
  • PTR-1704 – Transforming the Infrastructure with Software Automation, featuring Tige Phillips, IGNW

We also have LIVE sessions featuring DevNet Specialized partners in each geography DevNet: Explore DevNet Partner Specializations hosted by Chuck Stickney and Kyle Winters:

  • BOFDEV-1300.aAmericas, featuring Jose Bogarin from Altus, Brad Haas from Presidio, and Mark Wall from WWT
  • BOFDEV-1300.bEMEAR, featuring Miguel Espiga from Cilnet, Matyáš Prokop from Natilik, and Rickard Körkkö from SDNit
  • BOFDEV-1300.c – APJC, featuring Lintar Wardana from Mastersystem Infotama, Akiko Shioya from Net One Systems, and John King from SoftServe

Partners at Cisco Live

And as a reminder, as Cisco Partners – you can also access exclusive content pre-event through our Cisco Live Partner Early Access Experience available now! Watch Susie Wee speak with Cisco Partners Robert Bailkoski from Logicalis, Andrea Ehlert from NTT, Jose Bogarin Solano from Altus, Meredith Rose and Joel W. King from WWT, and Rickard Östman from Miradot about how to enable customer agility with Cisco DevNet here.

Learn more about how to start your DevNet Specialization journey.

For additional partner-focused Cisco Live Global 2021 activity, be sure to tune into How Cisco Partners Enable Customer Agility with DevNet by Susie Wee and Turning it up with our Partners: CX at Cisco Live Global 2021 by Julia Chen

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