There is something special about round tables. It gets people to open up, collaborate, and talk to everyone that sits at the table. Be it at home, in political discourse or in business, round tables help to solve problems, and foster the open exchange of ideas and thoughts.  It eliminates side or siloed conversations at the other end of the table. This is especially important when you put top experts together on a topical, and sometimes, a controversial subject.

It was with this spirit in mind that we accepted the Robert Frances Group (RFG) offer to join “The Rounds”, a new series of industry experts from users and vendors collaborating with RFG in the development of Open Cloud frameworks. Cisco has embraced open conversations, the sharing of ideas and participation in industry bodies and forums for a long time. As such, “The Rounds” was a perfect fit – so when RFG invited to join in, we gladly accepted.

Get a glimpse on what “The Rounds” is all about in this 90 second video.The Rounds Promo

“The Rounds” will address all aspects of the Cloud, be they private, public or hybrid. The subject matter experts will address considerations for Policies and Orchestration, required to automate the Data Center. These subject matter experts will also examine the various approaches and solutions available, all with a view to best practices, guiding principles and taking into consideration the lessons learned from experience.

Over the coming weeks, moderated by the Robert Frances Group, you will hear from Cisco, Red Hat, IBM and other Cloud Architects in a series of short videos. The videos will be posted on the RFG Exchange webpage.

We think you will gain some surprising, valuable insights about how important it is to connect people, processes, and business technology around how you deploy applications and use policy driven automation to configure and control the infrastructure it runs on.

I encourage you to bookmark the webpage and keep up to date with “The Rounds”.


Klaus Schwegler

No Longer with Cisco