In honor of David Letterman… we hope we did him proud:

10 –       Come Fly the Friendly Skies of Cisco.
Hey, we are raffling off a drone end of day on Wednesday and Thursday. These are not just any old white box drones. These are custom Cisco branded drones. It’s a super limited edition, too. Like there are two in the whole world. Come on by the booth and register. Winner need not be present.

9 –         Have a drink on us (Wednesday night).
Once again Cisco is one of the Strata+Hadoop Data After Dark sponsors. This is the social event of the show. This year it is being held on the USS Interpid. Stop by. Mingle. Drink. Mingle some more.

8 –         Our SWAG is better than your SWAG.
I know this is a relative claim. All the booths in the Expo Hall have some sort of SWAG. Cisco’s though is pretty good I think… shoot on by the booth get registered and get a cool hat. Sit in on and hear our SMEs (aka Subject Matter Experts) wax on about cool stuff and get a free book. Then yes, there is the drone give away.

7 –         Our 5-minute keynote has some serious speed.
Thursday morning Cisco Marketing Leader Todd Brannon (doing Yeoman work filling in at the last moment for Cisco CTO Raghu Nambiar) does the equivalent of “Speed Dating Presentations” in a 5 minute pitch that highlights some very, very cool Big Data and Analytics use cases. Some industry and world firsts here folks.

6 –         Lambda This. Lambda That.
Cisco Software Engineer Chinmayi Narasimhadevara speaks twice on Lambda (Real Time and Batch Processing with Cisco UCS). Listen to him in our theater either Wednesday or Thursday on how to ‘Accomplish Lambda Architecture with Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics’.

5 –         Got a Hitch in Your Hadoop Get Along?
Want to learn about Hadoop tuning on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics? Then hit the theatre Wednesday or Thursday. @HighTechBill (Bill Shields) and Manan Trivedi will speak. They are smart guys and can get your Hadoop up and running on Cisco UCS.

4 –         Because Data Preparation is a Team Sport.
Cisco Director Bob Eve – did you know he is an Author? –  evangelizes on his favorite topics of Data Preparation and maybe even some on Data Virtualization.



3 –         Cisco UCS Rocks Data Intensive Applications.
Paula Patel, Cisco UCS Product Manager, will speak to the power of Cisco UCS as a host for your data intensive applications. Big Data is the top workload in this space. Cruise on by and learn about our UCS architecture and how its scales, delivers leading performance, and increases Data Scientist productivity.

2 –         We can help you save some coin.
@HighTechBill (Bill Shields) is a bit on the frugal side when it comes to I.T. OpEx and CapEx spend. A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Bill is our resident Cisco Expert on ROI and TCO when it comes to Cisco UCS. Listen, learn, save some money. Your managers will thank you for it.


1 –         Listen, Learn, and Share.
Time to get all serious here. All of us on the Cisco event team at Strata+Hadoop are here to listen, learn and share. Our theater sessions are being delivered by some of our top Cisco SMEs – from the Factory or from out in the Field. They all will make themselves available, too after their sessions in our Meet the Expert area (opposite side of the theater). If there is a topic that is of interest, or just something you want to vet with an Expert,  stop on by.

Did we say we were in Booth #833? Just checking…

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Cisco Strata+Hadoop Theater Sessions



Rex Backman

Senior Marketing Manager, Big Data Solutions

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