In this new digital economy, data is king and storing it requires a well-funded army. At least it does when you maintain the status quo with legacy storage solutions. In this scenario, cost and complexity often impede a business’s ability to scale and adapt to these new digital demands. This signals the need for a new approach and only a distributed software defined storage architecture can solve it.

This past year Cisco launched Cisco Software Defined Storage Solutions to catch the industry transition to distributed storage on x86 systems. In this program, Cisco and Scality initially came together to certify the Scality RING software on the Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Server. This is an ideal match bringing industry leading software defined storage together with the industries most versatile storage server that scales effortlessly to Petabytes in minutes with it’s embedded policy-based automation.

More recently, we took it a step further by publishing a full-blown Cisco Validated Design for deploying Scality RING software on Cisco UCS S3260. If you are not familiar with a CVD, think of it as a blueprint that simplifies the build process and delivers an expected positive outcome. Simply put, we do all the heavy lifting for you to mitigate risk, decrease complexity and speed up deployment times getting you operational faster than any other “meet in the channel” partnerships.

Please join us this coming Wednesday, July 12th, at 8:00am PDT for a joint webinar featuring Cisco’s Siva Sivakumar and Scality’s Paul Speciale. In this webinar, you will learn about the business drivers behind digital transformation and the most common use-cases where Cisco and Scality come together. If you are interested in attending you can register for this must see event below.


Chalon Duncan

Partner Managed Service Offer Manager

Global Partner Organization