CollaborateLogo Cisco is back at Collaborate , the great show put in place by IOUG , this year in Las Vegas April 7- 10.
More and more Oracle customers benefit now from the advantages  provided by Cisco and Cisco partners for mission critical applications, not only in terms of performances but also in terms of TCO.

So what are we doing this year at Collaborate 2014 ? Here is the complete list of Cisco activities , as well as a resource center to know everything about our partnership with IOUG, and other technology partners such as EMC , or NetApp. But I like also to highlight some specific activities.

[] Oracle Virtualization and Risc Migration Bootcamp

IOUG Bootcamp WebsiteWith our partners Intel and House of Brick Technologies , we just completed a full day workshop to help the attendees to plan a Risc  migration and virtualization deployment in the safest environment possible.

I interviewed yesterday  Daniel Young, Manager of Data Base Administration from Indiana University about his  experience


As we promised this was  an intense and fast moving session where we gave our all and didn’t hold anything  back regarding the best way to execute your Oracle virtualization or server migration efforts. Developed after years of hands-on real world Oracle virtualization and migration projects, this bootcamp distills implementation and execution experience into a 6-hour session that will help you plan and implement your own project.

WomenIntechPicture [] Women in Technology 

This year again, Cisco is the proud sponsor of Women in Technology luncheon and panel discussion .
These two events are exciting opportunities  to share experiences  and challenges in the high tech industry.
I hope that this year we will witness more men showing up at the panel session  , as there are a lot of lessons to learn from these powerful and inspiring panelists
We are pleased to have on Thursday Kathy English, Senior Director Data Center, as moderator of  the conversation.
You may want to check here the complete program and the list of panelists

[] Theater Presentation on Cisco Booth # 1461

You may want to check the complete list , but here are 4 sessions that you really don’t want to miss

Wednesday April 9 

  1. How To Deploy Four-Node Oracle RAC Cluster in an HourCollaborate14b
    • Ronen Kofman, Oracle
    • 12:30 to 1:00 pm
  2. How to Make Disaster Recovery Invisible to Oracle Workloads
    • Dave Welch, House of Brick Technologies
    • 2:00 – 2:30 pm

Thursday April 10

  1. How Do You Address Scaleability Challenges in Oracle Database 12c
    • Greg Blotter, Cisco
    • 11:30 – 12:00 pm
  2. What are Three Myths of Oracle Workloads on a Hypervisor 
    • Dave Welch, House of Brick Technologies
    • 1:00 – 1:30 pm

If you are not attending the show , please check  #C14LVcisco as we will communicate on a regular basis on our activities   . You may want also to bookmark  our website on Cisco and Oracle partnership 

If you are in Vegas, I hope to meet  you on our booth