Forrester research indicates that private cloud has entered into the formal IT portfolio by becoming a core part of data center strategy.   I have been writing about the sea change underway in private cloud.  This sea change means that automating the provisioning of virtual machines and their infrastructure is inadequate in a world where your users  expect continuous delivery.

Application developers want to accelerate application stack design and deployment.  Your customers expect to consume applications and their supporting infrastructures on-demand and take delivery within minutes.

Doubt this fact?  I consistently hear from senior executives about the growth of shadow IT within their organizations simply because the data center cannot meet delivery expectations.

At CiscoLive Milan today, the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite was introduced.  I can hear your response now…..What another cloud management platform? So I will respond:  no way!

Many of today’s solutions are simple toolkits that require IT administrators to customize and maintain integrations between tools, processes, applications and teams.  IT needs to become software and infrastructure engineers.  End users have expectations of simplicity and out-of-box operation and these tools simply frustrate meeting end users expectations.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is an engineered software solution not a platform. It delivers a hybrid-ready private cloud software solution that contains out-of-box installation and content.  There are out-of-box utensils designed specifically to accelerate the design and deployment of your existing and cloud-first applications – across private and hybrid environments.  Learn more by watching this video.


The modern self-service portal was designed to accommodate multiple users:  end users, application developers and IT professionals.  The user experience for each of these customers can be tailored to their specific requirements, no coding required.  Your access gateway to provisioning, monitoring and managing hybrid cloud resources is the self-service portal providing access to Cisco Marketplace, the Intercloud Ecosystem of partners or other hybrid cloud offerings.

Best of all Cisco’s hybrid solution delivers choice of service partners, hypervisors and cloud platform.

The Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite leverages the newly announced Cisco ONE Software bundles that deliver a flexible approach to consume Cisco software.

Your customers want their applications fast.  You understand the critical dependency between successful application delivery and your business.  Learn how to deliver apps quick so your business can soar by registering for a live webcast with Forrester and Cisco on March 10th at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific.



Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco