How quickly can your organization stand-up a new application or deploy new services?  Most customers tell me, “not fast enough!”   I am clearly hearing from them that the new standard expectation across the organization is to receive precise data center resources in “internet time,” easily and definitely on-demand.

But customers are not the only ones affected by these new expectation standards.  Application developers also expect to receive the resources they need to support their efforts within one hour — without a lot of process meetings and repetitive, slow paperwork.  They want what they want, when they need it, which is always now!  Can’t get it now?  Out comes the credit card and they go on a shopping spree to outside resources.

Developers don’t worry about security, governance or quality of service.  If you are in operations, or you’re a C-level executive, you care.  You need to meet compliance guidelines.  So how can you get everyone on the same team, working together so the organization can succeed, the old “win-win-win?”

At CiscoLive Milan in January, we introduced the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite. Watch this replay of our live broadcast.



It is different from other hybrid-ready private cloud solutions because Enterprise Cloud Suite doesn’t deliver a bunch of tools or disparate modules that you have to puzzle together to align with your environment.  And that’s even before you can create the service content needed for private cloud–and content is king in cloud.  Enterprise Cloud Suite comes with out-of-box tools such as templates that deliver application stacks for a number of today’s existing enterprise applications.  Need to create a custom stack?  The out-of-box stack designer lets you create these custom stack configurations.

With Enterprise Cloud Suite when you need a database to talk with your new chat application simply order one from the self-service portal and get one delivered within minutes.  Need a virtual machine deployed in the public cloud?  Just order it from the catalog.

Yes, I can hear you asking “so where is the win-win-win?”   With Enterprise Cloud Suite, governance and compliance is embedded into each service item eliminating red tape with IT.  Operations and senior executives get the compliance they need. Developers get what they want — when they want it.

Want to learn more?   Watch the replay of our recent webcast with Forrester.

How quickly can your organization stand-up new applications or services?  If you are using the Enterprise Cloud Suite, you can smile and say “in internet time.”


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco