Splunk is one of our key Cisco UCS ISV Partners in the area of data and analytics for the Data Center.  Big Data as we all know throws off tons of structured and unstructured data and the ability to discover its meaning and therefore value requires good analytics capabilities. This is where Splunk comes into play with Cisco UCS.

Our C Series and S Series Cisco UCS offerings when combined with our Cisco UCS Big Data and Analytics Integrated Infrastructure CVDs deliver awesome data platforms for Splunk – we’re fast; we scale; we’re easy to manage; we save you Op Ex and Cap Ex budget; and we improve your Data Scientist’s productivity.  Splunk, as a recognized and multiple winner in the IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) segment according to Gartner, provides the analytics engine. Together we’re a pretty awesome team.

Over the past few years the Cisco UCS team has been working with the Splunk R&D team on various Cisco integrations ranging from UCS, and Nexus, to Spark and Security. Just recently the Cisco DEVNET team showcased their Splunk portal. It’s quite cool, check it out here to see the Data Center and other integrations available to you.


Figure 1. Cisco DEVNET Splunk Library

Wait, there’s more! Our ACI team also announced the most recent contributions from Splunk (and other partners) into Cisco’s ACI App Center. Splunk’s contributions was for their ‘Cisco Splunk Connector App’.  Read more about this and the ACI App Center on my friend Ravi Balakrishnan’s blog

To continue to learn more on our Cisco / Splunk capabilities for your Data Center, please visit www.cisco.com/go/bigdata.


Rex Backman

Senior Marketing Manager, Big Data Solutions

Data Center and Cloud