Cisco has been actively participating in open source and open standards for a long time and is now also a founding member of the Open IT Framework at the most recently held Open Networking User Group (ONUG) earlier this month. As I wrote in my blog prior to the event our focus was going to be on Containers. And we are certainly pleased to announce the acknowlegement that Cisco’s Distinguished Engineer Vipin Jain (on left in picture above) received as the winner of the “Grand Challenge Hackathon”with his contribution with Project Contiv.

According to ONUG, the goal of the hackathon was to help move the industry forward “toward open, programmable, automated computer networks.” Vipin’s contribution through Project Contiv that is designed to define infrastructure operational policies for container-based applications definitely meets this goal and then some.  For a closer look at his code, you can visit the ONUG GitHub page.

Cisco introduced Contiv publicly less than a year ago but it is one of many open source projects that Cisco is sponsoring. For an overview on all the open source projects that Cisco is actively involved in, please visit http://opensource.cisco.com

OpenSource GitHub Live Feed

The attention Contiv is drawing is understandable, given that containers and the migration to microservice application architectures remain among the hottest enterprise trends in recent years. Contiv is aiming to solve the difficult task of scaling these technologies in mainstream enteprises by tackling both the operational and architectural aspects. For additional insights and use cases for Contiv  I encourage you to read Vipin’s  and Cisco’s Balaji Sivasubramanian recent interview with SDX central or check out the demo from Tech Field Day Extra at ONUG Spring.

Over the next coming weeks join Cisco experts in upcoming events focused on containers and application microservices.

For example, on June 20 at Dockercon16 in Seattle, Balaji Sivasubramanian, director of product management for Cisco Cloud Native Solutions, will discuss the requirements for building production-grade container apps.

That same week, on June 22 at Velocity in Santa Clara, Mike Dvorkin, founder of the Noiro Project, will be delivering a keynote address on the principles and benefits of controlled consumption model for application microservices, and its implications on devops processes and security.

Cisco will have staffers and subject matter experts on-hand at both events with all relevant topics being up for discussion. This includes all the great contributions Cisco has and will continue to make to the open source communities. We look forward to meeting you there.

For a complete list of the upcoming events that Cisco is taking part in around the world, please visit our global events calendar.


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