At this year’s Cisco Live, I caught up with Scott San Antonio, director global strategic alliances for Schneider Electric, to talk about Schneider’s latest product, the NetShelter WX 6U Wall Mount enclosure. Designed for non-traditional IT infrastructure locations, such as light industrial and retail applications, it can be mounted on the wall or the floor (with casters), and comes with a filter kit, integrated fans to draw air through the back, and is secure with locks on all panels. This new enclosure is a key component available for joint Cisco and Schneider edge solutions.

Micro Data Center Solutions – the easy button for the edge

IT Teams are increasingly facing a new challenge – deliver enhanced digital services to customers and collect and process large amounts of data being generated outside of the data center. Sounds like a simple enough request that can be handled by a cloud service, right? What about if I add in the requirement that it all has to happen in real time,be always on, and can’t be dependent on WAN latency and uptime? It’s these requirements that have given rise to the growth of edge computing.

Micro Data Center Solutions

Cisco and Schneider Electric have partnered to offer co-engineered and integrated Micro Data Center Solutions to simplify edge computing. Establishing edge computing infrastructure can be a daunting task of deploying, managing, securing, and supporting IT infrastructure in potentially hundreds or thousands of non-traditional environments.  Cisco’s Micro Data Center solutions are complete, self-contained, turnkey solutions that leverage the depth and strength of each company’s portfolios. These solutions are based around Cisco HyperFlex Edge hyperconverged infrastructure, matched with Cisco switches and APC uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), enclosers, and security and physical infrastructure monitoring. Offered in multiple configurations and enclosures, they can configure to fit a wide variety of environments and workloads. Users get turnkey simplicity that delivers consistent, repeatable results in every location.

According to IDC , in just three years over 50% of new enterprise IT infrastructure deployed will be at the edge rather than in datacenters, and by 2024 the number of apps at the edge will increase 800%. Scaling at this pace means working smarter, not harder, to make edge computing economically and operationally. Cisco’s Micro Data Center Solutions ship pre-integrated and ready to be deployed from the box. Onsite deployment is kept to a minimum as well, with full remote deployment capabilities.

Cisco’s Micro Data Center Solutions

Unique solutions for unique challenges

Cisco and Schneider Electric have a 15-year history of partnership that continues to grow stronger as we work together to address the unique challenges of this new realm known as edge computing. For this discussion, we talked about the work being done around our joint solutions. Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll take a deeper dive into solution options and use cases we’re addressing with these solutions.


What is Edge Computing?


Cale Hilts

Senior Manager, Solution Product Marketing