According to IDC, the big data market, including services such as analytics, is expected to reach nearly $50 billion by 2019. Luckily for Quantium, data is in its DNA. Australia’s largest analytics business is happily riding the wave on the booming global big data industry.

Quantium’s customers—including the likes of Google, P&G, Kellogg’s, Facebook, eBay, Qantas, and Unilever—generate enormous amounts of data. But data without insights is of little value. That’s why they turn to Quantium to help them transform their data into business knowledge to help drive informed decision-making.

But as the abundance of data increases, so too does the pressure on the platforms that churn out thousands of simultaneous predictive models and machine learning algorithms. Quantium’s data scientists are constantly inventing new analytics applications to power a new world of possibilities for customers. Data sets have increased a million-fold in just a few years, straining the company’s infrastructure to support this massive scaling.

That’s why Quantium’s technology team turned to Cisco and MapR to support its huge workload. The team opted for a data center infrastructure that would provide more control over data security. Employees, partners, and customers now enjoy flexible, secure access to data from any device. Cisco collaboration tools also help them stay connected on a global scale, driving up productivity and quality while reducing travel costs.

Cost savings in ongoing management are another big benefit. A single view and point of control across the network for proactive monitoring, reporting, and management helps Quantium scale quickly and efficiently. That means new insights for customers, like Woolworth Supermarkets. Woolworths partnered with Quantium to create an analytics engine that processes trillions of rows of data to match supplier offers to each member—the equivalent of asking each loyalty program customer 70 million questions every week.

The result? More relevant and personalized offers, leading to increased sales.



Quantium is also working with L’Oreal Australia to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. Using Quantium’s Facebook partnership, L’Oreal Australia was able to determine the effectiveness of its Facebook advertising, helping advertisers understand the impact that their digital investments were having on customers who purchase products in a physical store.

But it’s not all about increasing revenues. Quantium developed an analytics application for the My Choices Foundation, a nonprofit based in India that combats human trafficking. By using data to help predict where and when traffickers are likely to strike next, the organization is working towards its goal to end large-scale human trafficking in India by 2025.

Big data is projected to remain a big business, with more opportunities for Quantium on the horizon. “There’s never been a better time to apply intelligence to your business,” says Greg Schneider, Executive Director, Quantium. “Standardizing on Cisco is helping us push the boundaries of data science.”

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Lauren Jeter

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