Application architects and developers are the life blood of your business. They are responsible for analyzing, designing and developing commercially viable solutions to drive revenue for your business. These teams keep up-to-date on the latest technology, drive development activities and are responsible for the design and day-to-day functioning of non-production environments. What they are not responsible for is understanding how to configure infrastructure.

The pace of business is increasing daily and just like IT teams, application teams want to take advantage of the benefits of automation.   Implementing automation for many enterprise organizations comes in the form of private cloud management solutions.  Unfortunately, many of the commercially available solutions on the market today just focus on automation of infrastructure and require application teams to understand how to configure and assemble these infrastructure elements before they can focus on their development activities.

The exception is Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.     Watch this video to learn more


Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers automation across multiple layers of your organization.   It allows IT professionals to deliver pre-defined infrastructure to the business within minutes but it also includes tools that allow application architects and developers to take delivery of application stacks to accelerate their development activities.

Built into Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is a utility known as the Stack Designer.  This utility allows development teams to combine multi-tier infrastructure templates with applications to create application stacks that are delivered as automated services.

Agile Team

What’s the business outcome?

As an application developer you are busy working and discover that you need a multi-tier infrastructure environment that contains a web, database and application server. Normally you would go into the public cloud to create a development sandbox to assemble, configure and create this environment before you can proceed with your development tasks.

With Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, you simply choose a multi-tier infrastructure template, combine this with the appropriate application elements, such as Mongo database, WordPress and MS IIS.  Then take delivery of your environment which can be on premise or located in the public cloud.   No need for you to slow down your development efforts while you assemble and configure infrastructure.

Application profiles

With over 25 out-of-box application profiles for web, database and application tiers as well as other platforms such as OpenShift, your application teams can be productive fast.

Private cloud automation delivers the speed and efficiency your organization is seeking but make sure you are using a solution that does more than just provision infrastructure.  Take a closer look at Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and experience the benefits of application automation for yourself.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco