We had a busy week around the middle of July with ChefConf 2016 (Austin, Texas July 11 – 13) and Cisco Live US (Las Vegas, Nevada July 10 – 14).

Now we’re moving on to AnsibleFest July 28 San Francisco where Cisco is a Gold sponsor as well as a Networking Hub sponsor.

GoldSponsorAnsibleFest July2016

NetworkingHubSponsorAnsibleFest July2016

I guess the good news this time is we don’t have a similar conflict as we did back in Berlin Feb 18, 2016 where we had AnsibleFest and Cisco Live in the same week.


At ChefConf, attendees asked where to find more info on the demo we showed during the event of installing chef on Nexus. Here it is http://bit.ly/29tTe1X. More links and assets can be found in my previous blog.

You may wonder why Cisco has been actively participating at these types of events, the answer is simple: automation. As customers embrace the DevOps model in their environment, they want automation in their network to simplify and accelerate application deployment.  Our NX-OS enables integration of DevOps tools like Ansible, Puppet and Chef to program and automate networks.

We’ve highlighted different use cases and capabilities using such tools in these white papers high level and deep dive.

With Ansible 2.1 release, we have support across Cisco’s operating system NX-OS, IOS and IOS-XR. This means bringing configuration simplicity and automation to both Nexus and Catalyst switches. We’ll show several demos at the AnsibleFest like configuring VxLAN eVPN fabric, ACLs, and more…

We’ll have our experts on the floor in both the Networking Hub and main lobby that can answer your questions and demonstrate what you can do with Nexus and Catalyst.

Stay up to date on the latest version of the NX-OS Cisco-Ansible Module and IOS Cisco-Ansible Module. Also, visit the Cisco marketplace and Ansible-Cisco page. Ansible Modules are developed in partnership with Cisco and are opensource to help network administrators to manage Cisco Network Elements using Ansible.


Rami Rammaha

Sr. Marketing Manager