It’s hard to believe 2 years have already passed since I first experienced WorldSkills in Leipzig, Germany. The intensity and energy of the week were unforgettable, so I’m excited to be back this year, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to experience it again.

I always feel inspired meeting young people who take their skills to the next level. WorldSkills is one of the best events to do just that – this vigorous 4-day competition tests young people’s vocational skills, ranging from hairdressing to carpentry to robotics to IT network systems administration. More than 1000 competitors travel from 50+ countries around the world with the hopes to take home a medal at the end of the week.

Cisco is a strong supporter of World Skills and the opportunity it provides for young people to showcase their talent. Specifically we sponsor Skill #39, IT Network Systems Administration. This year we will meet top talent from 36 countries who will compete in Skill #39 – the largest number in this skill ever. And, approximately 90% of them are enrolled in Cisco Networking Academy courses.

Jean-Philippe Desbiens represented Canada in Skill #39 at WorldSkills 2013. He was later hired  by Cisco in Montreal.
Jean-Philippe Desbiens represented Canada in Skill #39 at WorldSkills 2013. He was later hired by Cisco in Montreal.

Networking Academy prepares students for success in these types of competitions because its core curriculum includes hands-on activities, interactive learning tools, and online assessments. Many competitors have also participated in Cisco’s own skills competition, NetRiders, a skills competition open to Networking Academy students around the world.

Competitions like World Skills are a great way for students to show off their skills in their area of expertise and demonstrate their ability to work under pressure. It also gives them a unique opportunity to interact with other students from around the world, learn new cultures, and expand their global network.

The youth participating in this event are driven, ambitious and determined to succeed – employers take note!

Jean-Philippe Desbiens, Canadian competitor from Leipzig, was hired by Cisco in Montreal. Read his thoughts about the competition 2 years ago in this blog post.

Best of luck to all competitors!

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Julie Chrysler

Program Manager

Cisco Networking Academy