Today, Cisco is participating in the Drive the Dream event organized by the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Collaborative. We are excited to be working with Governor Jerry Brown and other organizations making up the electric vehicle ecosystem to promote the on-going effort to improve the environmental sustainability of our transportation system.  By continuing to elevate and discuss the issues and advantages in today’s electric vehicle market, we fuel future innovation and a more sustainable transportation system.

EV Charging at Cisco San Jose Campus
EV Charging at Cisco San Jose Campus

Cisco is committed to promoting the use of PEVs amongst our employees by providing a free service for employees and their guests to charge their cars on our campuses.  Since the launch of our workplace electric vehicle charging program in 2011, we estimate our employees have saved over 75,000 pounds of CO2 and 14,000 gallons of fuel just from the charging provided at our office locations. Building upon our initial installation of nine stations in 2011, as of August 15, 2013, our program had grown to 409 registered employees using 57 available stations on our San Jose Campus.

By the end of September 2013, Cisco will have over 110 available stations at our San Jose campus – of these, 38 were newly installed in August 2013 and nine came online in September 2013. We have plans to install additional stations in the near future as demand for electric vehicle charging increases.  We also have charging stations in seven other Cisco locations, and in Europe have included PEV options in our vehicle leasing program.

Cisco works to ensure stations deliver lasting value to our employees through regular use. We track registered users and station requests to determine future locations, and we also use software to verify usage levels. Users of our stations can use a mobile application to track the status of each charge, identify available stations, and connect to a larger network of outside stations.

Cisco’s vision is to build environmental sustainability into each of our business functions and processes. We use the power of the network to multiply the impact of our technologies across our customer base, as well as to our suppliers, business partners, and even our own employees.  This vision is being applied to transportation as we work with partners and the transportation industry to create Connected Transportation solutions that improve mobility, safety, and efficiency.


Ali Ahmed

Senior Manager

Workplace Resources Global Energy Management and Sustainability