I am pleased to announce that Cisco has become a Partner in the U.S. Department of Energy EV Everywhere Grand Challenge.

Cisco joined the challenge as we were already working to expand our existing electric vehicle charging capabilities in both our domestic and global locations.  We agree with the principles of the program to increase consumer access to plug-in vehicle (PEV) charging opportunities and potentially double the all-electric daily commuting distance for a PEV driver. By providing workplace charging, Cisco enables employees to choose a PEV, for sustainability or operating cost reasons, by effectively extending their range and flexibility.

Our current electric vehicle charging station portfolio includes in excess of 50 Level 2 stations located in 7 of our campuses in 3 countries.  We are evaluating or have projects underway to double the number of stations in the next 12 months and increase the locations where we offer charging to employees and guests. Our installations use a variety of equipment and charging network service providers who deliver not only the charging station hardware, but also software services for users to remotely check station availability, monitor the status of the vehicle’s charging, and receive notifications.

As part of the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, the new Workplace Charging Challenge aims to expand access to charging stations in cities across the U.S.| Infographic by Sarah Gerrity, Energy Department.
Courtesy of DOE

We are excited to work more collaboratively with the other partners and ambassadors participating in the program.  The resources and information-sharing forum that the DOE is establishing will help us evolve the charging solution provided to our employees, particularly in behavioral areas such as developing reservation capabilities and creating appropriate etiquette to maximize station utilization.

Our support of electric vehicles is only one way Cisco is reducing carbon emissions associated with employee commuting.  Our efforts start with flexible work practices, Cisco Connected Workplace space design, and remote collaboration tools — and many of my peers have blogged about how Cisco has successfully embraced remote work. We also are mindful when selecting locations to minimize commuting costs and work with local authorities to simplify access to rail and bus systems.

Find more information about the Workplace Charging Challenge and EV Everywhere at www.electricvehicles.energy.gov.

Learn more about all of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts at csr.cisco.com.


Ali Ahmed

Senior Manager

Workplace Resources Global Energy Management and Sustainability