In 2016, Cisco committed to positively impact one billion lives by 2025. We will achieve this goal through our social impact grants to nonprofits and our signature corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, like Cisco Networking Academy. Four years into our commitment, we are 47 percent of the way toward our goal (469 million lives impacted).

This week, attendees at Cisco Live in Barcelona can get a deeper look at some of the positive results – all through an immersive experience called the Rain Wall. Visitors to the Rain Wall pick up a “smart umbrella” then enter the space. The umbrella connects with a story of impact inside the installation, which is then displayed as a video inside the umbrella.

The Rain Wall also has an external display that describes some of the other ways in which Cisco is making a positive impact on the world.

Visitors to the Rain Wall will learn about several of our nonprofit partners and programs, including:

  • FIRST combines STEM learning with the fun and excitement of robotics competitions. Participants emerge more confident and excited about technology and engineering, and with the skills they need in a changing workforce. Cisco support has helped FIRST increase diversity, equity, and inclusion among its volunteers and participants.
  • Kiva operates an online lending network for underserved individuals globally. Microloans made through the Kiva platform empower people to change the trajectory of their lives and their communities. Early-stage grants from Cisco have helped Kiva develop new types of financial products, and our technology is helping Kiva operate better and smarter.
  • Living Goods manages a network of Community Health Promoters whosell low-cost health and hygiene products in their communities, helping neighbors improve their well-being while earning a living. Early-stage grants from Cisco helped Living Goods develop a mobile platform that has increased the scale, effectiveness, and impact of its operating model.
  • Mercy Corps helps people in vulnerable communities – such as those displaced by conflict or natural disasters – build better, stronger lives. Cisco cash and product grants are helping Mercy Corps use technology to develop innovative programs, reach more people, and run their business more efficiently. This partnership has impacted over 5 million people in 27 countries in its first two years.
  • Cisco Networking Academy is a global education program that empowers students with career possibilities in IT, cybersecurity, networking, and beyond. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and helps prepare students to earn globally recognized certifications. More than two million people in 180 countries took our courses in the last fiscal year alone.

If you are at Cisco Live Barcelona this week, visit the Rain Fall in the Social Impact Zone. If not, follow the action on social media at #CLEUR.


Alexis Raymond

Senior Manager

Chief Sustainability Office