On April 23, Cisco was honored to be part of the 4th anniversary and expansion of the Joining Forces Initiative, a White House project sponsored by first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to support service members, veterans, and their families through wellness, education, and employment opportunities.

Cisco first partnered with the Joining Forces Initiative in 2013 on the IT Training and Certification pilot program, which resulted in over 380 transitioning service members getting high demand IT training.  Eighty eight percent of those who got a new job indicated the program contributed to them getting a new job. The program is being expanded through state partnerships, starting with North Carolina.

During last week’s event, held at Micron technology in Manassas, Virginia, the First Lady called out Cisco for our commitment to hire and train veterans and military spouses. Thanks to Mike Younkers, Senior Director of Systems Engineering and Gena Pirtle, Corporate Affairs Program Manager, who represented Cisco.

Cisco appreciates the support of the Joining Forces initiative and their partnership on our Veterans Program, which helps service members, spouses, and veterans get training leading to career employment.

Many veterans interested in IT training enroll in Cisco Networking Academy courses offered at local learning institutions. Warren and David Neal are just two examples of young veterans who launched successful careers in IT after completing their service to our country.  The Cisco Networking Academy courses will compliment the Learning Partner accelerated training offerings giving veterans more options to take IT training that aligns with their educational aspirations.

David and Warren Neal are U.S Army veterans and brothers who have turned their military experience into success in the civilian workforce.
David and Warren Neal are U.S Army veterans and brothers who have turned their military experience into success in the civilian workforce by taking Cisco Networking Academy courses..

Cisco Networking Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that develops the skills people need to thrive in a changing economy. Active duty service members can also receive Cisco Networking Academy training at 23 U.S military installations; over 58,000 service members have taken courses to date.

The Veterans Program team partners with other IT companies such as CompTIA, NetApp, Oracle, and Citrix, to help veterans get the training and certifications they need to find lifelong careers in IT. We’ve also partnered with SaaS provider Futures Inc. since 2011 to develop its Pipeline technology, which translates veterans’ skills and knowledge to civilian employer terminology and matches veterans to training and jobs. The U.S. Military Pipeline (formerly H2H) has already resulted in 250,000 hires since 2011.

Military veterans have a strong work ethic, are accustomed to working under pressure, can make decisions smartly but swiftly, and are well organized. Cisco is proud to help our heroes transition to civilian life and find rewarding, lifelong career paths. Please read more about our Veterans Program at csr.cisco.com.


Michael Veysey


Corporate Affairs