I love working at Cisco.

It’s a company that cares deeply about its customers and its employees, and most importantly, cares about giving back to the community. I’m proud to be part of an organization that has helped raise more than $40 million and deliver nearly 160 million meals over the past 15 years as part of its Global Hunger Relief efforts.

When I was considering giving a portion of my latest book’s profits to charity, I stumbled across a post about Cisco’s Be the Bridge campaign. This is Cisco’s latest employee giving initiative, which supports more than 400 nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide through employee donations, volunteerism, and matching from the Cisco Foundation.

I was pleased to find out that Cisco would match my donation, dollar for dollar. This means that I can easily double the total amount I can donate to charity, all because I’m a Cisco employee. How cool is that? So, I decided to donate the profits of my latest book through Cisco’s Be the Bridge campaign (for all sales from December 14 to December 18, 2015).

The book is called “Don’t Reply All,” and it’s about 18 email tactics that help you write better emails and improve communication with your team. It’s being sold at the lowest possible price allowed by Amazon ($0.99 USD or the equivalent in your country) so that I can maximize the amount of donations I can give.


The charity I chose is Save the Children, which is an international non-governmental organization that invests in childhood in the United States and across the world. As a father of two young and healthy daughters, the well-being of children around the world means a lot to me personally. Save the Children improves their lives through better healthcare, education, and economic opportunities so that we all have a better future.

Thankfully, it’s one of the 400 organizations that Cisco will match dollar-for-dollar, so together, we can reach as many children as possible this holiday season!

To purchase the book, click on any of the following links based on the country you’re in:


We have until December 18 to “be the bridge!”


Hassan Osman

PMO Manager

Cisco Advanced Services