One of the nonprofits we support through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, Water for People, is on track to providing easy access to safe water and sanitation to everyone in Malawi, Africa, where just 5 years ago, only 41% had access to a reliable water source.

Water for People supports the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs – with a focus on using technology to monitor projects and collect and analyze data. These programs are helping Water for People reach its mission of delivering water to “Everyone Forever” in 30 districts in 9 countries serving over 4 million individuals.

In Malawi, Water for People has completed 90% of its target water projects. Photo courtesy Water For People.

Cisco began supporting Water for People in 2010, with a Global Impact Cash Grant to help develop Field Level Operations Watch (FLOW) — a mobile application that can be used to collect, manage, and analyze data on the condition of wells and pumps in remote locations. Water for People is using this tool in the Chikwawa district of Malawi to monitor 98 different water points, collecting usage data and pictures of the condition of the water systems.

Recently, we provided support to develop the Re-Imagine Reporting (RIR) platform, which helps Water for People track the effectiveness of its country programs over time. The platform offers a comprehensive view of what is happening in more than 30 districts around the world. This data helps Water for People effectively monitor water projects and quickly respond to individual maintenance needs.

Mobile and web-based technology tools are helping Water for People reach its goal of providing 100% water and sanitation coverage in 30 districts around the world. Photo courtesy Water For People.

Water for People says RIR allows staff to build deeper and better partnerships with local district governments, as they can show they are being transparent and accountable with funds.

In a recent Re-Imagine Reporting forum, Water for People announced that they had reached 90% of their targets and surpassed goals in some districts. Currently, 80% of people in Malawi have access to safe water and sanitation. Read more on Water for People’s efforts in Malawi.

Congratulations to Water for People on reaching this milestone, and good luck on fulfilling your goal of giving millions of people around the world access to clean water!


Khanh Russo

Lead the critical human needs investment portfolio

Cisco Foundation