Though it sounds cliché, technology seemingly does move at the speed of light. And as a result of these rapid evolutions that define the industry, “tech talent” is in extremely high-demand. Yet the number of technical-related positions continues to trend higher than the actual number of individuals available who can fill them.

But the industry is making changes! And against the backdrop of the United Nations’ World Youth Skills Day, our latest #CiscoChat celebrated the event, sparking meaningful conversation on how to encourage the passion and interests of young people who can actually fill these tech roles.

During our #CiscoChat, poignant questions from host Cisco Networking Academy  and participant insights reignited hope for our increasingly connected economy and the generation whose skills can fulfill its promise.

To kick-off the discussion, understanding just how connected our world is becoming was key.



VP of Corporate Affairs, Harbrinder Kang’s mind-blowing stat about the growth of connected devices proved that global connections are skyrocketing. And the data produced by these connections are creating more opportunities and positions that need to be filled.

Another stat from our partner Digital Divide Data painted an even clearer picture.


Shifting gears, our host also wanted to hear from participants on not only who will support these future connections, but also the what regarding the skills they’d need to do so.


Understandably, today’s youth was the overwhelming answer and commenters had specific ideas on to the skills they’d need to continue to innovate our tomorrows.



Focused on STEM development and organization expectations for tech-talent, Futurist and Ed-Tech pioneer Idit Harel weighed in, as well as Network Development Group, a Cisco partner who supports IT training programs worldwide.



The role organizations and private companies play in nurturing future tech talent whose roots lie in impoverished environments was also top-of-mind.




Beyond encouraging new career paths, one participant thought companies had other reasons for focusing on tech talent. And perhaps, it was one of the most resonating ones.


It was especially encouraging to give #CiscoChat participants a glimpse into a few initiatives we’ve implemented to impact the lives of groups on path to fill tech industry skill and job gaps.



The idea of young people using IT and STEM-focused careers to join and completely revolutionize the work force is not novel. But, with limited resources and programs that extend worldwide, our host wanted feedback on ways to help young people in underdeveloped companies find a passion for STEM.

To jumpstart these passions, @CiscoCSR is offering a free online course, “Intro to the Internet of Everything” that students who want to pursue IoE-based jobs and those in the workforce interested in taking their career to the next level.

Cisco partner CyberPatriot, a premier national youth cyber education program, jumped right in.




As for candid advice for students who want to explore their tech passions…




This is just a snapshot of the comments, observations and just plain excellent guidance we garnered during this #CiscoChat. Check out more on our recap and be sure to register for the free “Intro to the Internet of Everything” course (by August 30)!


Eric Chu

Social and Digital Content Manger