This post was written by guest blogger Toddy Tu, Supply Chain Manager, Cisco.

I am excited to announce on Cisco’s behalf that we recently jumped to number three in the IT industry on the influential Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) ranking.

We also maintained our position at number two in the IT industry on the IPE Supply Chain Climate Transparency Index (SCTI) ranking. The IPE is the most powerful and influential environmental NGO in China, and this recognition is an accolade to the amazing efforts Cisco is putting into environmental supply chain management and our corporate social responsibility.

Ranking up

China is an important market for us, as nearly 50% of our component supplier facilities and manufacturing sites are located in the region. Jointly developed by IPE and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the CITI index is the first quantitative evaluation system designed to assess brands’ environmental management of their supply chains.

The SCTI Index is a new ranking developed by IPE in 2018 that aims to promote brands’ action toward supply chain GHG reduction, as well as their in-depth participation in global climate change governance.

Cisco’s jump in the ranks reflects the work we’ve been doing with our suppliers in China, including wastewater surveys and pollution mitigation projects, tracking and addressing reports of illegal pollution, and requiring our tier 1 suppliers to assess and manage the environmental performance of their tier 2 suppliers.

Additionally, Cisco is taking steps to educate suppliers by incorporating training with stakeholders and environmental authorities to address possible solutions to the current challenges of environmental compliance. Through these roundtables and trainings, we’re identifying key actions we can take to increase efficacy within supply chain management.

For what it’s worth

Environmental protection is a responsibility we all share, individuals and corporations alike. As a supply chain social and environmental responsibility manger based in China, I am working closely with our suppliers to ensure their daily operations meet Cisco’s supplier code of conduct requirements and generate positive social and environmental impacts in the local community.

I am proud to work on a team where I can contribute my expertise on environmental management and make full use of Cisco’s buying power to drive key stakeholders within our supply chain to protect the living environment when producing Cisco products, which ultimately has a larger impact on our planet. Together we are making changes for a better future.

For more information, please check out our latest CSR Report.



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