For students enrolled in Cisco Networking Academy courses, Networking Academy NetRiders Competitions are an amazing way to gain valuable hands-on experience, test their skills under pressure, and expand their network of professional connections. Most of all, winning NetRiders helps students stand out in the job market, as Jesús Israel Nava of Mexico and Csilla Bessenyei of Hungary found out.

Bob_SchoenherrBob Schoenherr is a designer, content developer, and technical lead for the competitions. “Apart from the hands-on practical experience, the competitive environment allows participants to go head to head against students from all over the world,” he says. “NetRiders and other skills competitions give students exposure for internships and career opportunities and offer contestants development growth potential in networking and IT skills that prove beneficial.”

Bob offers a bit of advice for students planning to participate. He recommends that students learn the materials, as opposed to memorizing the material: “The best way to learn concepts is to create scenarios to be solved and then solve them.”

Watch Bob’s video below for more insights on the benefits of participating in NetRiders.

You can also read a full interview with Bob Schoenherr on NetAcadAdvantage.

If you aren’t a Networking Academy student already, but are interested in a challenging career with growing opportunities, check out Cisco Networking Academy. With 9000 academies in 170 countries preparing 1 million students each year to design, build, maintain, and secure computer networks, it is the largest information and communications technology (ICT) training program in the world.

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