Nicole_GeronimoThis post was written by guest blogger Nicole Geronimo, who works for Cisco’s Corporate Affairs team in Toronto, Canada.

On February 3, Cisco Canada was presented with an award, given by executive search firm Waterstone Human Capital, for being a national winner of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures of 2013. Cisco Canada was among 600 nominees, and after a vigorous selection process by the program’s 30-member Board of Governors, we were announced as a winner for the first time.

With a dynamic and flexible work environment that promotes team effort and unity, we have proven that our culture drives our performance. From Ping Pong tables, to lunch-and-learns, to working from home, Cisco Canada has created an environment that results in high retention and appeal for new employees.

Cisco is a Most Admired Corporate Culture in Canada
Cisco Canada employees celebrate winning a Most Admired Corporate Culture award from Waterstone Human Capital

Derek Goreski, Systems Engineer and Early Career Network (ECN) Chair, accepted the award on behalf of Cisco Canada. The ECN is a group of young leaders who spearhead our reverse mentoring program, where junior staff members mentor senior management, allowing both generations of employees to interact, learn and develop various skills needed to move forward as a company in a fast paced and ever-changing society.

ECN acts as a reflection of our corporate culture, as it demonstrates Cisco Canada’s goal to have a workplace that encompasses unity and team work.  It is our team efforts that lead to our successes and it is through this very open and welcoming environment that we are able to work together and support one another. We fuel a variety of employee engagement initiatives, where Cisco employees collaborate to support organizations that drive community, healthcare, and education transformation, building an even stronger momentum for team effort.  It is our culture that drives our performance, and Cisco Canada being acclaimed one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Cultures of 2013 reflects that building and sustaining a great culture will result in great performance.

Learn more about Cisco’s commitment to its employees at csr.cisco.com


Alexis Raymond

Senior Manager

Chief Sustainability Office