The WebexOne series highlights a wave of Webex innovation to drive experiences that are 10x better than in-person interactions, help organizations collaborate seamlessly, and transform their employees and customer experiences to power an inclusive future for all.

Helping Organizations Collaborate Seamlessly and Transform Their Employee and Customer Experiences

As 2020 draws to an end, I for one am looking forward to closing this chapter and starting a new year. The past 10 months have surfaced unexpected challenges for us all, and changed the way we work, learn, communicate and connect. If we thought technology was an important part of our world before, 2020 has taken it to a whole new level.

Billions of people found themselves working remotely this year, many without the resources they needed to do so effectively. And a significant portion of the population will not return to the office – remote work is here to stay. To adapt and thrive in a time where virtual experiences are the new norm, we need to think bigger and more creatively about the tools and technology we use. That’s what the all new Webex is all about – using our new investments and innovations to deliver virtual experiences that are 10x better than in-person interactions and make connecting and collaborating easier and more accessible for everyone, wherever and however you work.

The All New Webex Enables a More Efficient, Effective and Inclusive Remote Work Experience

In this new age of remote work, the lines between home and work have become increasingly blurred. With no commute at either end of the day, many of us find ourselves working anytime, all the time, and work-from-home distractions can make it harder to focus, prioritize and get things done.

To help make the remote work experience more efficient and effective for everyone, we’re introducing new Webex App capabilities like Message Highlights, which allows you to prioritize your time and attention on what’s most important. To ensure that everyone has an equal voice in virtual meetings, the new Round Table Meeting Template allows hosts to assign a speaking order for all attendees, and mutes others until it’s their turn. For meeting presenters, new enhancements like Immersive Share and Gestures technology will enable more dynamic content sharing in virtual meetings and use Webex AI to provide real-time reactions and feedback using meeting participants’ natural body language.


The recent announcement of our intent to acquire Slido s.r.o. will enable a meeting experience that is truly 10x better than in-person interactions. With Slido technology, Webex will soon offer a best-in-class audience engagement platform that significantly heightens participant engagement before, during and after meetings and events, across in-person and virtual audiences.

With the all new Webex, we’re also introducing new offers to make it easier for you to take advantage of all these great capabilities. I’m excited to share that Webex now offers integrated calling plans from Cisco, sold by our partners, now available in the US and rolling out globally. Our customers can now take advantage of calling plans, messaging, meetings, and devices, all on a single bill. Learn More

See the all new Webex in action:

Automate and Enhance the Work Experience with the New Webex App Hub

Webex isn’t just about video conferencing and meetings. We have reimagined the Webex App Hub to help users find industry-leading apps to enhance the work experience.  With an open ecosystem, the all new Webex App Hub allows the creation of custom integrations to redefine workflows efficiently and effectively.


Devices Designed for the New Hybrid Workplace

While working remotely is the current reality for many of us, the future of work will assume a hybrid model, with some employees continuing to work from home while others return to the office – or a mix of both. Given that new hybrid workplace, it’s even more critical that we build on the idea of seamless collaboration by introducing innovative products and capabilities that optimize whatever work environment you’re in.

The Webex team has reimagined the desk for our new hybrid work environment and expanded our integrated devices portfolio to include products that help with things like virtual meeting fatigue, and support the need for a powerful, professional experience no matter where you work.

  • The Webex Desk Camera. An intelligent, powerful and affordable new camera built to enhance the remote meeting experience and enable small, safe in-person meetings in the office. See more here.

  • The Webex Desk Hub. This innovative device seamlessly connects to your personal profile, allowing you to make any hot desk as functional and familiar as your own. See more here.

Webex Desk Hub

  • The Webex Desk. This all-in-one device offers many of our most popular Desk Pro features at a competitive price, making it easy for you to connect and collaborate with ease.

Webex Desk

Building a More Intelligent Customer Experience

Today’s new way of working calls for a transformation of your employee experience, but it also requires the modernization of your customer experience. Now more than ever, providing an excellent, intelligent, better-than-being-there experience is critical to how you interact with your customers … and it’s an experience that can make or break your brand.

To enable you to provide more flexible, intelligent and delightful customer experiences, we’re excited to introduce an all-new, redesigned Webex Contact Center. Built in the cloud from the ground up, the new Webex Contact Center offers unparalleled capabilities for your customers, your agents and your business.

The new Webex Contact Center is:

  • Intelligent and Omnichannel. With additional channels now integrated, your customers will have the power to communicate with you using whatever interface they find most comfortable and convenient, whether that’s text, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, or simply by phone. Self-service tools like AI-powered voice and chat bots offer round-the-clock access and fast and easy solutions to common questions for a more satisfying customer experience.
  • Customizable and Insightful. The new modern, extensible agent desktop provides an intuitive agent experience, while the new drag-and-drop flow control builder allows administrators to customize contact flows on the fly. Features like agent visibility into the customer experience journey helps set the tone for customer interactions.

Our recently announced pending acquisition of IMImobile is going to take Webex Contact Center to a new level. Following completion of the acquisition, Webex Contact Center will offer a truly configurable, end-to-end customer interaction management solution.

Webex Platform: Security, Privacy, Management and Insights Built-In, Not Bolted On

Leveraging data from devices, meetings, messaging, calling and presence, Webex is introducing new ways to derive actionable insights which can be used to manage your Collaboration experiences. Armed with these insights, organizational leaders are more empowered to drive well-being, connections, and inclusion of their teams. And IT Admins are now better enabled to manage and operate their Collaboration environments.

We’re also expanding our existing People Insights with a whole new suite of features. These features use the Webex Graph to deliver highly personalized insights and actionable recommendations to help drive well-being, keep employees connected and foster inclusive collaboration. We’ve created these features with security and privacy baked into the core. Cisco Webex respects your data privacy, and we firmly believe that your data is yours alone.

This same data platform enables Collaboration insights in Webex Control Hub. Webex Control Hub serves as command central for management, provisioning, analytics, trouble shooting and advanced capabilities, which allow organizations to ensure their systems are secure, their employees are connected, and their data is safe. New capabilities include:

  • Deep end-to-end encryption and secure identity: Webex is setting the standard with our continuous innovation, including standards-based secure end-to-end encryption and secure identity for cloud connected Webex devices, meeting recordings, and transcriptions.
  • Comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) across the Webex platform: Webex has expanded Data Loss Prevention capabilities to meetings, to prevent prohibited content from being spoken, shared or shown – protecting your information and your employees.
  • Ethical Walls:This Webex capability allows IT admins to restrict teams from collaborating when necessary. This functionality is designed to protect interaction between groups and ensures that you and your teams always adhere to regulatory policy requirements when sharing information.

Learn More at WebexOne

We will be announcing more than 50 new Webex innovations during our inaugural WebexOne virtual collaboration event on December 8 – 9.

I encourage you to tune in to this 2-day immersive event to hear more about how Cisco is building a Webex experience that is 10x better than in-person interactions and delivering solutions designed for our new way of working.

This is the all new Webex.

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