Express Yourself with GIFs in Webex Teams

With GIPHY Integration for Cisco Webex Teams, expressing yourself has never been easier! Today we announce a Webex Teams feature that I’m excited about.

GIPHY Integration in Cisco Webex Teams

Webex Teams now supports Giphy in order to express your feelings and bring more excitement to collaboration!

Read the release notes in What’s New in Cisco Webex Control Hub

GIPHY integration using the GIF option in Webex Teams App

For me personally, Giphy changed my life! But don’t just take my word for it:

I absolutely love using it at the office and in messaging throughout the day .

The GIPHY feature is supported on Safari and Chrome but not Firefox

Have questions about the GIPHY integration from Cisco Webex Teams? Check out our Help Center

When Words Don’t Cut It

With Giphy support in Webex Teams, you can now show your co-workers just how happy, sad, angry, or annoyed you are about that latest project update.

Control whether user have GIPHY integration by using the GIF option in their Webex Teams app

Add fun to your messages with embedded library of GIFsMessages now supports animated GIFs provided by GIPHY




























You can even properly celebrate last quarter’s results!

GIPHY integration with Pro Pack

So Go Ahead, Get Wild with Webex Teams and Giphy

It’s a match made in heaven.

Disable GIPHY using Webex Control Hub

Use Pro Pack for Cisco Webex Control Hub to remove the GIPHY integration for Cisco Webex Teams for your users

Love GIPHY in Cisco Webex Teams? Learn how to share animated GIFs in Webex Teams

Need to disable integration to prevent users from using it? Remove the GIPHY Integration from Cisco Webex Teams

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Jonathan Rosenberg

Cisco Fellow and Vice President

CTO for Cisco's Collaboration Business