Entrepreneur? Claim your unfair advantage.

Starting your own business isn’t for everyone. It takes dedication, passion, and an unshakable belief in your product, service, or mission. Before starting our Webex for growing businesses ebook, we spent some time meeting with entrepreneurs and start-ups to better understand your world and see how we can help make you successful. How did it go? Well, if I ever need an injection of energy, I know to grab a coffee with an entrepreneur. Their passion and ability to re-imagine what’s possible was infectious! It reminded our team why we work in collaboration – to connect 8 billion minutes of challenges, hopes, and dreams to new possibilities every month. In fact – we discovered we’re made for small and growing businesses.

“I’m not just wearing many hats.  I’m wearing many pants, shoes, jackets.” – New business founder

Sound familiar? If you’re a growing business – you’ll know that every minute is precious in your day as you’re working long hours to ensure success. While you’re designing your company logo, letterheads, email design, and marketing assets – spare a thought for the tools you’re building your business on too. Each investment has a huge impact on setting the stage for long term success. Every dollar counts, so saving money makes a lot of cents. (See what we did there?).

You said you needed:

1) A super-simple plan to launch and use Webex in a small company.

2) Ideas to get more from your investment in Webex.

3) As much visibility for your new business as you can get!

Let’s get social . . . are you in?

We’re excited to announce that in partnership with our awesome marketing and social media teams, we’re inviting growing businesses using Webex to share their stories on our global social media handles. With hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world – that’s amazing visibility for your small business and gives us more visibility in to how Webex is being used. There’s a quick success story template at the end of the Webex for growing businesses ebook and instructions on how to submit so we can share success together.

In the spirit of learning together, we’re sharing our Version 1.0 of Webex for growing businesses, before we think it’s perfect. (It’s our very own minimum viable product – MVP). In it, you’ll find a fictional persona we created based on your feedback, called Sherry. We follow Sherry through growing her business, and how Webex grows with her.

The start-up phase of a new business is both exhausting and exciting. Sherry has to juggle being CEO, HR, finance, marketing, and sales team. She’s using the mobile app for sales calls and ongoing client relationship management on the go. Though a small business, she’s making a big impact in every virtual interaction; building trust, and a reputation of being responsive to clients.

Building the right team soon becomes a priority. Sherry’s time is best spent with clients, so finding help to deal with more administrative tasks is critical. Webex video conferencing helps her hire the best person, without having to buy an office space, or hire from within her own town.

Expanding her market is now a possibility. With more staff connected in more locations, Sherry starts to thoughtfully plan days when she’s on the road, vs. days when she works having many virtual sales calls from home.

Managing stakeholders becomes increasingly difficult as Sherry’s business grows. Now with international suppliers, travel to see them each time an issue or change comes up just isn’t feasible as each day out of the office has a huge impact on the business. Using screen sharing with international audio and video means Sherry can be in more than one place at once.

With cloud managed devices, it’s easy for Sherry to now add additional video experiences for her team, one device at a time as her business grows.

We’ll continue to listen and learn and figure out how we can play a part in your success, as we go, so don’t be shy.  Tell us what we’re missing, and what you wish you had from our team in the comments below.