blog image Patty Post 12_15_14As I am sitting in heavy traffic on the way home from work, my finger tips tapping impatiently on the steering wheel, my mind wandering… I suddenly think of the Chinese program that I am so glad to have recorded on TV. Without this convenience, I would have missed it.

I can’t help but reflect on how big the opportunity is for companies to deliver information via pre-recorded, on-demand, interactive video.

Just recently, I was talking to my colleagues about how different time zones often make it difficult to attend conferences live. Thankfully, we can access the recordings. These can save so much time and let us catch up with the topics that matter most to us.

One of my colleagues also pointed out how valuable the leadership briefings are to keep employees informed. Although we’re based in the UK and Cisco headquarters are in California, we do like to get regular updates and feel involved. She said that she watches the meetings on demand from her laptop or on her iPad while travelling.

If only more companies made more of their communications available in this way…

Business decisions and discussions do not always take place when everyone is available, but teams can broadcast and record video. Whether for their high-value or lasting content, or to include remote team members, you can stream meetings live from room-based and desktop video-conferencing endpoints. And for people who can’t attend live – or those who want to revisit the meeting content – they can access the meeting after the fact.

Just increasing access to information would save much time, reach far more people, and create a happier, more engaged workforce.

More and more organizations are taking advantage of these opportunities to extend internal communications. I am pleased to say that Cisco’s recording and streaming technology is driving this transformation.

Cisco is helping a growing number of organisations – big or small — to embrace a culture of on-demand communication. Organizations can record town hall events, leadership updates, training videos, briefings, and much more. And then make them available on demand – securely, when people want them.

Companies need to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve. Using video to improve and simplify communications with dispersed employees and partners can help.

Often, organizations need to urgently scale the delivery of important communications across the company. Again, on-demand video can help.

Get your organisation’s internal communications right and the benefits are clear:

  • Motivated staff
  • Better financial performance
  • A strong external brand reputation
  • Delighted customers

There are more than just these few reasons to make sure you’re effectively delivering your messages to your staff.

Cisco can help turn your endpoint into a de-facto HD broadcasting and recording studio. Everyone can record from their video-enabled endpoints by dialling to Cisco TelePresence Content Server (TCS) to record in HD format and it will automatically upload to share as they wish to do so.

recording_patty post 12_15_14

More good news to come: Cisco TCS on packaged collaboration solutions such as Cisco Business Edition 6000 and Cisco Business Edition 7000 can benefit customers straightaway. Whether it is a university lecture, a corporate training session, an executive meeting, or any other critical event, Cisco TCS lets you create high-quality video content – and make your internal communications count.

Get more examples of how different companies are using these technologies in our customer case studies.

What are you doing to improve internal communications for your organization?


Patty Yan

No Longer with Cisco