One-Button-To-Push (OBTP) Makes Web and Video Conferencing Easy

As a believer in the power of digital transformation, I have always enjoyed popular science fiction because in that world, everything seems to arrive with one push of a button. Something good always happens. The Jetsons can jump into their flying car, Captain Picard gets his tea (Earl Grey, hot), and Luke Skywalker’s light saber leaps into action. The life that popular science fiction often portrays is not just about technology or space travel; it’s also about ease of functionality. Things work in an idealized way: at the push of a button.

This is what initially made phone apps so popular. Downloading and activating are both one-touch actions. But to date, web and video conferencing solutions have not kept up. Virtual meetings have always come at a high price:

  • There are passwords and log-on codes that can be easily misplaced within an email trail and are too long to memorize and type manually.
  • New invitees face the decision of downloading an executable or adding an extension to their browser (adding a what to my what now?) – something they only discover as they log on to join the start of the meeting.
  • There are background noises, missing documents, and dodgy connections.

Well, that’s how it used to be.

Introducing the Big Green Button

At Cisco, we are extremely proud of our new Webex products: Webex Meetings, Webex Assistant, Webex Teams, and Webex Share. We listened to our customers and resolved some age-old problems by making collaboration and communication a one-touch action. You simply click on the link in the calendar or push an actual green button on any of our apps (desktop, browser, and mobile), and voila! You’re in and you’re on.

The industry-specific media likes it. We were just declared “Winner Overall” in the Collaboration category by CRN, the trusted news source for solution providers and technology integrators. (See the announcement here). In describing Webex Meetings along with Webex Teams, Webex Share, and Webex Assistant, the announcement made specific mention of our “one-button-to-push (OBTP)” solution (that’s the Green Button’s official name).

But more importantly, busy professionals love it too! As you can see from the comments on our Customer Perspectives web page, end users of our market-leading web and video conferencing solution love how the new Webex tools:

  • improve meeting productivity
  • strengthen relationships and interactions
  • make meetings shorter
  • improve daily workflow
  • make video practical
  • make it easy to connect from anywhere.

They love it so much that 91 percent of organizations surveyed said they were likely to recommend Cisco Collaboration.* These are some pretty big numbers and we couldn’t be happier. The Webex suite of tools is becoming the go-to platform for the types of flexible, engaging collaboration opportunities that companies are seeking. And it all happens at the push of a single green button.

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*Source: TechValidate



Aruna Ravichandran

Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Webex Collaboration