Imagine if you will, a company hosting its first-ever global sales meeting – online. Virtually connecting 140 salespeople in 12 countries and as many time zones. It could have been a nightmare, but the meeting went off without a hitch. How?

Well, let’s start with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM). Yes, the Cisco IP telephony system has grown up. It’s now the very core of Cisco’s collaboration infrastructure, helping you bring people together—anytime, anywhere, on any device–with a single architecture for all your voice, video, and data.

Back to the meeting. The salespeople connected from offices, conference rooms, on work laptops, at home on tablets, and some even used smartphones between sales calls in the field. Everyone could hear and see each other each other clearly, as if they were all together in one place.

How would you like to extend this experience to your partners or customers? Imagine how much more personal and effective your meetings can be when you connect instantly.

With the Cisco collaboration infrastructure, everybody gets the same high-quality experience on any device. Instant access fosters collaboration with partners, customers, and remote experts. It’s all just as easy as making a phone call on Unified Communications Manager.

And it’s not just the end-user experience. The IT team saved time and money managing the system because it’s so reliable and secure. With its open architecture, you get broad support for codecs, dual policies and automated provisioning.

Nobody needs to worry about it. The whole system is easy to deploy and operate. With Cisco dedicated hardware or virtualized solutions for the data center and cloud, everything integrated seamlessly. People, applications, and endpoints—like on that global sales call—all work better together.

Unlike other solutions, you get session management because Unified Communications Manager is at the core. Voice. Video. Messaging. Mobility. Web conferencing. Plus licensing, software, and the industry’s broadest selection of endpoints to fit your business.

What could have been a nightmare turned into a global collaboration success. Easy, simple, and seamless for all users combined with simple deployment and operations for IT.

Check out this video to learn more about the great experiences enabled by Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager and the collaboration infrastructure.


Mark Royle

No Longer with Cisco