Getting Value from Improving Internal Communications

In my previous post, I considered how better access to information can save time, reach many more people, and create a happier, more engaged workforce. All these benefits flow from improving your organization’s internal communications.

In-person meetings are effective, but with today’s increasing reliance on mobility, remote workers, and distributed teams, it can be prohibitively costly to bring teams together. Not just from travel costs, but lost productivity too.

We need more effective ways to collaborate.

  • 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures according to Clear Company HRM.
  • 50% of business productivity is tied to effective collaboration, according to CEB.
  • Cisco generates $250 million (US) in travel savings per year using video

With globally dispersed teams, it’s not enough to rely on email and chats on video. Fast access to secure, collaborative video content across dispersed teams is paramount.

Video, audio, instant messaging, and clouds have come together to offer the right solution to enterprises. The ingredients for success are operational efficiency, employee effectiveness, and customer experiences. And all these need a focus on connecting people and technology.

You can realize substantial value if you do it right and eliminate the potential for miscommunication.


But how do you do it? Communicate directly whenever you can. For example, hold secure live webcasts for tens of thousands of users – letting them join from anywhere, on any device.

You can stream videos and content, poll audiences for instant feedback, and include chat and interactive question-and-answer panels. Consider it the cutting edge for town hall webcasts.

One tool that can help is Cisco Capture, Transform, Share, which offers automated, cloud-based video streaming and playback. It’s something that grows with you — it’s flexible and simple, with massive scaling potential. Because you have different kinds of users, you need experience-focused tools that support different ways of working – desktop and mobile.

Using Rev, the enterprise video portal for Capture, Transform, Share, employees can easily access and watch video – making it more likely they’ll engage.  And Rev’s analytics let you see how they do.

A healthcare organization Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida is using Rev to manage all its video in the cloud. As a result, staff members don’t spend time maintaining on-premises servers and systems. Instead, the organization can focus efforts on its missions to eradicate cancer through world-leading clinical research and to help patients fight the disease.

Rev’s cloud-first video architecture allows any user, anywhere, to easily and simply access live and on-demand video from any device. You can stream high-quality live and on-demand video across your own network. Rev’s embedded Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) capabilities ensure that the video uses the least possible bandwidth.

Better yet, Cisco Capture, Transform and Share lets you use your existing infrastructure and endpoints, whether Cisco endpoints or any standards-based video-enabled endpoints. And it supports seamless integration with Cisco TelePresence Content Server and Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms.

Boost ROI with the power of cloud-based video management. Check out more about Capture, Transform, Share in the At-a-Glance, White Paper, and Brochure.


Patty Yan

No Longer with Cisco