For more than 30 years, SXSW has brought the best of the entertainment scene together with a cross-disciplinary professional conference in Austin, Texas. And in 2019, Cisco envisions that collaborative meeting of the minds at the conference including…well, intuitive collaboration technologies.

This year, we submitted four panels for consideration, addressing everything you need to know about collaboration technology – from the workplace of the future to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the future office.

Before the panel sessions become a reality for SXSW attendees, we need your help – yes YOU! A criteria for acceptance rests on the public’s input, so tell SXSW you want to see Cisco in Austin.

Click on the titles below to visit the SXSW Panel Picker and cast your vote by August 30th:

Death of the Office: The workplace is quickly becoming a vehicle for organizational reinvention. Properly executed, the next-generation workplace will be the catalyst for breakthroughs in innovation. But first, organizations must rethink their workplace strategies- specifically how design, human resource policies, and technology can unite. Speaker: Mark Miller, Workplace Technology Strategist, Cisco

Final Frontier for the AI Assistant…Your Office: Workplace requests such as “Open Ben’s slides from the budget meeting last week” require different AI technology than consumer queries like “what’s the forecast for Austin today?” Learn why domain knowledge, security, and identity take on new meaning in the workplace, and hear about the innovative new technologies being developed to deliver your workplace assistant. Speaker: Jonathan Rosenberg, VP & CTO, Collaboration, Cisco

Help! I Want to Collaborate…but I Hate People: Today there are cultural, personality, generational, and geographic divides in the workplace that make collaboration a challenge. So how can someone who doesn’t enjoy online chatter leverage the many business messaging tools? Let Cisco show you how to choose the right collaboration technology for the right task, even if you hate people. Speaker: Chris Palermo, Social Collaboration Advanced Services Lead, Cisco

How AI Will Take the “Me” Out of Meetings: The era of individual genius is coming to an end. So why are we still working the way we did 20 years ago, in meetings designed to pass down information, and in meetings that do not encourage collaboration or co-creation? Discover new technology trends that are enabling high-performance teams, including how AI and ML will transform the meeting experience in positive and unexpected ways. Speaker: Jose De Castro, CTO, Webex Teams, Cisco


Be sure to cast your vote before August 30th and share the links for your favorite panels on social media. See you in Austin!

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Erin Hatfield

Global Industries Integrated Marketing Manager

Cisco Meraki