Saying I love my dog is a huge understatement. I.LOVE.My.Dog. Zenith has been my shadow for 15 years, seven homes, four cities, two states, and countless family memories… but only one employer, Cisco.

Zenith is the cutest, smartest, sweetest pug you will ever meet. She loves solving puzzles, treats, snuggles, food, and rides in her red wagon. And did I mention food? Her dislikes include teeth brushing, blow dryers, empty food bowls, orange hazard cones, and being left home.

She was there to welcome both my niece and nephew home from being born. She has served as a leverage point for toddlers learning to stand, helped teach “gentle,” and acted as a vacuum for whatever food made its way to the floor.

My team at work is full of pet owners  – so our weekly team calls on video and our Webex Team Space is overflowing with cuteness. Zenith (and video) humanize my meetings and give me an instant icebreaker to find out more about the people I’m meeting with.

I feel like the luckiest person to be able to work from home. I have amazing meeting and collaboration technology to partner with my team around the world, deliver results, have a work-life balance, and give Zenith the most comfortable pampered life she deserves. Luckily Webex has noise suppression for background noises, like barks and meows… and snores. It doesn’t matter how deep into a project I am, I smile knowing she is happy under my desk snoring.

Webex helps people transform the way they do business; making it more human, more efficient, and more results driven. I love that everyone’s individuality is what makes them great at their jobs and video is what lets us show off the real us. Zenith is an extension of my work personality and she helps me connect to ultimately make an impact for my customers. Once they see how cute Zenith is, they can’t help but share their true business drivers for using technology.

I have a million Zenith stories. There was the time she spent an afternoon behind a tree avoiding the 50 pugs at Pug Sunday, or when she climbed on a co-workers desk to eat an entire bagel, cream cheese, and lox, but none of them can fully express the indelible mark she’s left on my customers and coworker’s hearts.


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Molly Dubow

Adoption Practice, Customer Success Enablement

Collaboration Technology Group