Jabber Update Improves Calling and Messaging Experience

March 29, 2018 - 10 Comments

I rely on Cisco Jabber every day to connect with my team. Cisco Jabber has more than 50 million users, making it one of the world’s most widely used business-communications applications.

We are always looking for ways to improve the Jabber user experience, so we appreciate your feedback on the features and capabilities you want to see. That is why we‘re thrilled to announce Cisco Jabber 12.0. The new release includes several features you’ve requested, including multiline, Android Auto integration, Jabber bots, contacts for phone-only mode, and other enhancements.


Jabber multiline provides up to eight extensions within the Jabber client. This enables personal admins, contact center agents, and others to use Jabber for their day-to-day communications on multiple lines. You can even use it for video calls. Multiline offers an extensive list of mid-call features such as hold, transfer, call forward, and more. If you use several lines for your daily tasks, multiline allows you to leverage all the advanced calling capabilities, even when you are away from your desk.


Android Auto

Cisco Jabber now works with Android Auto through an interface that simplifies using the app in your car. If your vehicle supports Android Auto, you can use Jabber to listen to instant messages without having to read them on your phone. If you need to respond, you can reply with voice-to-text. Cisco Jabber for Android keeps you connected to your contacts without diverting your attention from the road.



You can make instant messaging even better with Jabber bots. Developers can use the Jabber Bot SDK to create bots to assist employees and increase productivity. For example, you can create bots to help employees check room availability and book meetings. Or create bots to auto-send and receive messages, launch chats, or make calls.


Phone-only mode

Does your organization deploy Cisco Jabber in phone-only mode? With Jabber 12.0 we’ve added contact list functionality in phone-only mode. This means you can add, search, and connect with your contacts, even with instant messaging disabled.


Here are more new capabilities in Jabber 12.0:

  • Jabber for Mac integrations: Jabber for Mac includes a native Mac calendar integration, an Exchange calendar integration, and WebEx Personal Meeting room support.
  • Single-number-reach Control: You now have the ability to toggle on/off the single number reach service with Unified Communications Manager.
  • Jabber VXME: We’ve re-named this to Jabber Softphone for VDI and it now supports hunt groups.
  • Mobile Remote Access Policy: Administrators now have control over who can use mobile remote access services.


If you’re using Jabber now, be sure to update your software to 12.0 or visit the app store for your mobile device. If you are not a current Jabber user, talk to your IT staff and see if this tool is available to you.

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  1. these useful information are really supportive and requirement of end user that will help now to become more familiar and daily use with them.
    thanks to Cisco for making feasible for us…

  2. It's nice that Jabber supports multi-line on the softphone client. When will it be able to manage ALL the lines on my 8865 set?
    (or 8851s as that is the phone used by our contact center. Each agent has their main line and the contact center number and Jabber can only control the main number. This really reduces Jabber's effectiveness)

  3. Multiline is a much-needed feature and Cisco should keep advancing Jabber to offer all of the call features available in the obsolescent IP Communicator softphone.

    Hunt Group & Pickup on the iPhone is now my #1 need. Android also would be good, but iPhone is essential.

    • Thanks John. We are working to make sure Jabber has a robust set of calling features. Thanks for the suggestion on Hunt Groups and Pickup on the iPhone. Appreciate your feedback.

  4. At our company they are planing the upgrade, waitng for that one. As you cant fool cisco easely I am ableto see all test-calls ahead 🙂

  5. Last I heard this was only EFT/Beta release and had not been out to the general public. Is this now available for all?

  6. looking forward to more learning, as someone doing my marketing the cisco programs helps me alot more with any technonological creative things i need to done in a day

  7. Much needed multiline support on Jabber will be a very good use case over SFB to sell. Btos feature will enhance the Jabber usability. very good video demonstration.

  8. Excellent news from Cisco … Multiline and Bots are very welcome !!! Congrats !!!