I’m willing to bet your business runs on information. The better the information and the faster the flow, the more agile you can be responding to market changes and to your customers.

But more information doesn’t always mean success. Typical companies have an estimated 34 SaaS apps, from productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 to role specific tools like Salesforce or ServiceNow. Nearly, all of these applications are accumulating islands of information that don’t work together. The last thing an IT team wants is yet another island of information. Instead they want to eliminate any extra steps that impact productivity.

These islands also slow employees down. To accomplish any given process, like solving a customer issue or closing a deal, a team may have to use two, three or more applications. Someone has to gather the information from the application and communicate it around. Then discussion happens somewhere else. It often feels like more time is spent gathering information than making decisions.

Cisco Webex is increasingly becoming the relay between these islands of information. Through our integrations, APIs and bots, we’re delivering information when and where you need it as you collaborate with your team, thereby allowing you to focus your time on decision making.

File Storage and Sharing: Meet Webex Collaboration

Companies with file storage and sharing systems see immense productivity gains by streamlining document collaboration. And it is a significant productivity multiplier to integrate these tools with collaboration solutions.

In addition to offering its own file sharing and storage, Cisco Webex Teams is now offering full integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online as a single unified Enterprise Content Management solution for enterprises.  Next up, we will bring this same set of integrations to G Suite, Box and Dropbox. This capability gives customers the choice to bridge their business file storage and sharing tool with the industry-leading Webex suite for a complete, enterprise-grade team collaboration solution.

One Experience

To deliver on the vision of stitching information with collaboration across the entire team workflow, the experience has to feel completely seamless. Technology needs to fade away and let the team get on with their task at hand. Webex Teams already has a highly secure, easy-to-use file sharing capability built right in.  Now, Microsoft Office 365 users can get the same simplicity. People can share, edit, and grab the latest OneDrive and SharePoint Online files right from Webex Teams work spaces.  No more file sprawl or version chaos.  Webex Teams simply pulls up the current version for everyone to work on without having to leave the app — all while continuing to enjoy the amazing experiences we deliver for messaging, meeting, screen sharing, white boarding, and more.

See a live working demo!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuUnss3CDT4


Maximize Investment and Defeat Complexity

Today, IT professionals need to maximize existing investments and limit solution complexity.  In addition to making the experience fully built in and exceptionally simple for end users, the integration has immense IT admin benefits.  It has zero deployment costs, is incredibly easy to set up, and provides administrators with rich controls for added flexibility and security.

For example, IT teams can select the specific Office 365 tenant they want to integrate with, meaning users can’t just connect their personal file sharing accounts.  This helps customers stay compliant because the integration uses the existing Office 365 enterprise file sharing permissions and data loss prevention (DLP) policies in place.

For the highest level of control, customers can even turn off file storage in Webex Teams so that all content is routed through their existing enterprise file storage service.  New files and folders can be uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint Online right from Webex Teams. We are committed to eliminating app switching.

When Your Business Runs on Information

We at Cisco are striving to build bridges for you, connecting your apps, devices and information to create a seamless and productive experience for your teams. The experience itself is not our endgame, though. Our goal is to empower you and your teams to move faster while making better decisions across every one of your workflows.  So we’re just getting started.

If you are not already using our award-winning Webex Meetings and Teams, the file storage and sharing integration is a great reason to get started.

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Sri Srinivasan

SVP/GM, Cisco Collaboration