I know firsthand that Cisco Webex Meetings has made the online meeting experience easier than ever. Each month, 130 million people rely on Webex to collaborate better and work faster. With Webex Meetings, they now enjoy video conferencing that’s as simple and seamless as meeting in person. And productivity is soaring, thanks to a modern video-centric experience, effortless navigation, and easy content sharing that is seamless on every device.

But I’ve learned that people are also using Webex in ways no one could have anticipated. The technology for virtual meetings can be put to use for nearly anything. Here are five exceptional examples of Webex Meetings at work.

Keeping up with school — and friends — during a difficult time

When Shawnee Mission School District started using Webex collaboration technology, engagement among faculty, students, and parents jumped to a whole new level. But it didn’t take long to discover that Webex goes way beyond meetings.

Parents who can’t make it to parent-teacher nights now attend conferences at their convenience with Webex Meetings. As a result, they’re having much more success in getting involved in their children’s education.

Teachers use Webex in classrooms for real-time, one-on-one learning. On top of whiteboarding and sharing assignment files, they’re chatting with individual students who face unique challenges.

On a more personal note, a Shawnee Mission elementary school student recently had a gravely ill parent who had to travel to another city for treatment. The student needed to go along and would have missed several days of class. Thanks to Webex, she was able to keep up with her lessons — and to stay in touch with friends and classmates back home. This kind of support really made a difference for her during a challenging time.

Bringing fans to The Ellen DeGeneres Show from their own homes

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is known and loved around the world, with the most dedicated viewers in television. Ellen wanted to find a way to make her loyal home audience a true part of the live show. They wanted the ability to go anywhere — but they didn’t want to spoil the surprise. That meant no big, obvious satellite truck.

How did they bring the home audience into the studio — and keep it an amazing experience for the live audience at the same time? With Cisco collaboration tools.

Here’s what Derek Westervelt, technical executive producer, had to say: “Something undeniably powerful happens when you bring people from all over the place into the studio. Cisco gave The Ellen Show that power to connect the fans all over the world so they could be part of the group and feel the warmth and the fun that everybody has when they come to the show.”

With Webex, Ellen brought the San Jose State football team into the studio. She also surprised an elementary school teacher by bringing his whole classroom onto the screen. And she brought countless other fans onto the show, complete with shrieks, whoops, laughter and tears.

For the Ellen show, it wasn’t about technology, it was about creating an exceptional experience everyone would remember.

Making higher education a remote possibility in Australia

As technology changes, so does education. Students today expect education anywhere and anytime. Curtin University in Perth, Australia, is rising to the challenge with Cisco Webex.

Collaboration tools are changing the way Curtin delivers education, with Webex Meetings at the heart of its classroom technology. Webex makes it possible to connect with students wherever they are around the world.

Using Webex, Curtin professors share their curriculum and learning to any of the campuses. But it’s more than just what they broadcast, they also bring global leaders into their classroom, giving students exceptional learning experiences from experts around the world.

With more than 30,000 of its students using some form of online learning, Curtin University has evolved to embrace the future. It’s overcoming distance and time zones that were once a barrier to education and bringing people together to learn.

Solving the world’s big problems together

Abt Associates of Cambridge, Massachusetts, works to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide. The company depends on Cisco Webex to connect its 50 international offices and 3,600 employees so they can collaborate on some of the world’s most difficult challenges.

When the Zika outbreak hit, Cisco collaboration technology was put to the test. It enabled Abt to quickly mobilize people who had worked in Africa to combat Malaria, a disease also spread by the mosquito, to apply their experience to the Zika problem.

Cisco helps Abt create an environment that encourages and enriches collaboration. The collaboration platform including Webex Meetings, allow Abt to easily connect as a team from many remote locations. Cisco whiteboarding is integral to their collaboration. Employees can review designs and annotate documents — and do it all together in real-time.

With face-to-face interactions, collaboration is more personal and intuitive. And everyone is more productive. Good news for Abt and the communities that they serve.

Getting work-life balance back on track.

Seyfarth Shaw is an international law firm with a client base that includes 300 companies on the Fortune 500. To get the job done, the firm relies on Cisco Webex. While employees enjoy incredible productivity tools, the fact that Webex helps the firm meet strict security requirements is critical.

There’s another compelling and human reason Seyfarth Shaw uses Cisco Webex, and that is the work-life balance it gives employees. With Webex, employees can work securely from the office, the road, or at home, allowing them to get their work done and be there for those that love them.

What’s more exceptional than work-life balance? Webex allows everyone at Seyfarth Shaw to stay connected to work — and to spouses and children. As a result, Webex has helped the firm attract and retain the best talent.

One attorney joked that the biggest benefit of Webex is that it saved his marriage.  But lawyer’s hours are no joke. And Webex is making an extraordinary difference for all involved.


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Aruna Ravichandran

Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Webex Collaboration