The rise of remote teams and open office floorplans is putting effective collaboration front and center. With the fall of the cubicle wall, I have recognized the greater power in teamwork – it does make the dream work, after all.

How can teams work together more effectively in the modern workplace? The answer is collaboration technology. We like to talk about the power of collaboration at Cisco, and I have seen firsthand how it creates a quick, easy way for everyone to share ideas.

But, collaboration platforms do much more – they complement your workflows and help you control when work happens. With so many workers embracing an on-the-go lifestyle, these solutions seamlessly support various work styles, regardless of where we are working or on what device.

With the latest in collaboration technology, teams are working smarter, more confidently, and closer than ever. Here’s how.

  • Work faster and more strategically. Team collaboration platforms enable you to connect quickly and easily with the right people to find the information you need. For example, you can start or continue a discussion in Cisco Webex Teams without having to hunt through dozens of email threads. Webex Teams keeps a record of the progress made before, during, and after meetings. This makes it easy for people to jump right into conversations and contribute.
  • Meet face-to-face virtually. Face-to-face meetings aren’t a possibility for geographically dispersed teams – not without a lot of travel, anyway. But, video-first collaboration technology helps you meet as if you were in the same room. Tools like Cisco Webex Meetings create a richer meeting experience because they allow you to easily see colleagues and gauge their expressions. Body language makes up almost 50% of daily communication, and insight into non-verbal cues can help you communicate better.
  • Make decisions in real time. Ever been stuck waiting on a decision before you can move a project forward? You’re left checking every single mode of communication looking for a response. Eliminate this decision limbo with solutions that facilitate easier communication. Share content, brainstorm, and even whiteboard to make quick decisions. Escape the waiting game with team collaboration and video conferencing tools that enable real-time decision making.
  • Cultivate a sense of community without borders. Collaboration can help large organizations feel connected and help create a sense of community among remote teams. Webex Teams can create borderless communities. Use “breakroom” spaces to create fun, casual spaces where you can build personal connections beyond that of our work lives. Making connections between coworkers can bring your team that much closer. (Like seeing your coworker’s dog all the way across the country in California.)

Hi, I'm Nala the puppy.

As teams become rooted in workplace collaboration, it’s time to rethink the impact technology can have on your processes. From optimizing workflows with collaboration technology to enhancing your team’s sense of community with video conferencing, your collaboration tools have a greater impact than you think.

Starting your journey to a collaborative workplace can be daunting. But we’re here to help you get started. Join us for Cisco’s Collaboration Day 2018 livestream on Thursday, September 20th, at 9 a.m. PT. You’ll hear about the latest in video conferencing, team collaboration platforms, security, and other intuitive collaboration technologies in a live session.

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Erin Hatfield

Global Industries Integrated Marketing Manager

Cisco Meraki