Some call it summer camp for nerds. Some call it the world’s biggest annual gathering of Cisco technical experts. The official name is Cisco Live. Whatever it is, an analyst recently predicted that the collective attendance will increase baseline average of technical acumen among Las Vegas hotel guests by at least 37% during this week. (I’d footnote that analyst, but she was actually a sidewalk psychic and doesn’t have a website. But based on what I know about this event, I think she’s pretty accurate.)

Nevertheless, there’s a whole lot of technical knowledge flying into this city – and with all the education sessions, certification testing, and general information sharing – there will be even more leaving at the end of the week. The whole show has a superhero theme. If you weren’t one when you landed here, you’ll be one by the time you leave.

Registration started today, more activities get going tomorrow, and the official deal kicks off on Monday with the opening keynote and session agenda.

What’s up for the collaboration fans among the badge-wearing masses? Plenty! Education sessions, innovation talks from execs, demos in World of Solutions, an entire village of partners, testing for certifications… Like I said, plenty.

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Not making the trek to Las Vegas? That’s OK
Not everyone can spend a week away from work and home to travel here. And not everyone wants to hear the pilot announce that the temperature is 108 degrees when you arrive at the airport.

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    • @ciscokima (that’s me!) will be live tweeting all sorts of keynotes, innovation sessions, and events throughout the week
  2. Tune in online: Webcasts and broadcasts are free to attend! Check out the full broadcast agenda.
  3. Watch this space: I’ll post daily wrap-ups with the day’s highlights and amusements.

Don’t miss Collaboration Innovation Talks
Make sure you put the talks from Collaboration execs Jens Meggers and Jonathan Rosenberg on your schedules. Both are presenting in the Innovation Showcase Theater during the week. I’ll be there, probably even in the front row.

Fear not! Both sessions are part of the live broadcast schedule.
To view, visit ciscolive.com/online at the scheduled session times.

Monday, June 26th at 5:30p PT
The 90s Called…They Want Their Workplace Back: How to Create a New Work Paradigm
Jens Meggers, SVP and GM for the Cloud Collaboration Technology Group
Tired of slogging through 100s of emails and hours of meetings every day? We all are! Microsoft Outlook was innovative when launched in 1997. Sadly, most enterprise employees still use it as their primary communication tool. Modern workplaces need modern tools that allow people to work naturally, easily, and on the go: global, mobile, video-first. Innovative collaboration tools can transform the way your employees work. We’ll show you how Cisco Spark has increased productivity, communication, and employee satisfaction with real use cases — all in a secure, compliant IT environment. (Session ID: INSCOL-1004)

Thursday, Jun 29, 12:00 p.m. PT
Worried About Putting Your Data into the Cloud? Good, You Should Be
Jonathan Rosenberg, VP/CTO of Collaboration, Cisco
Moving workloads to the cloud has tremendous benefit, but it’s not without risk. Putting your confidential data into the cloud means you trust the vendor to keep it safe for you. Safe not just while at rest in their cloud, but also as it moves within the cloud and to clients. The entire industry is boasting encryption at rest and in-transit and data privacy, but what does this all really mean? Understanding the technology behind these terms ensures that you select vendors that use innovative cloud security methods to provide end-to-end data security while retaining the features that make cloud solutions so valuable. (Session ID: INSCOL-1016)

Amusement for the day
Kudos to our flight attendant for keeping us entertained. Just one example: “If you’ve brought any chocolate on board, please remove it from your carry-on and pass it to the middle aisle. The flight attendants will happily take it from you.”

New case study: Capital Factory
While you’re ready for the big show to get started, whet your appetite for collaboration with a new case study from Capital Factory in Austin, Texas.



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