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Cisco and LGE Remove Friction from the Meeting Experience

February 6, 2018 - 13 Comments

We are on a mission to reduce complexity. You expect your workplace tools to be as easy to use as the products you like to use at home. When there are too many buttons to push or you can’t navigate controls, you give up.

Yet, when you walk into most rooms used for video conferencing, the screens are black and it’s not clear where – or how — to start. You generally see a combination of a set-top device or camera/speaker solution with standard displays or TVs. And typically, there’s no other integration or common standard between them beyond support for HDMI. It’s not the most welcoming experience for a team about to collaborate.

LGE and Cisco have joined forces to resolve these issues. Creating seamless integration between the industry-leading Cisco Spark Room Kit Series and LGE Professional UHD Display Series is a leap forward in simplifying the meeting experience.

Instant access and touch-based control

Our goal is that you should be able to walk into a collaboration room and get going – as simple as that, even if you’re a first-time user.  Together with LGE, we’ve moved complexity behind the scenes. You can focus on the purpose of the meeting, not the logistics that make it work.

This integration begins even before you enter the room for a meeting. We’ve automated set-up and installation. And when your meeting does start, the correct HDMI port is instantly and automatically set for you.

As you enter the room, motion detection wakes up the Cisco Room Kit, LGE Display, and the Cisco Touch 10. You’re greeted with a contextual welcome screen to make it easy to start. You can control everything through the Cisco Touch 10, so there is no need to use separate remote controls or learn different user interfaces.

With the Cisco/LGE integration, display parameters are optimized for Cisco video devices through the automated installation. Resolution, frame rate, colors, and white balance are all tuned for a vivid, sensory experience.

Where do we go from here? 

When you make products people enjoy using, they use them more frequently and more productively. Our goal is to continue knocking down barriers to exceptional meetings.

Cisco and LGE will continue working together to further enhance the meeting experience for companies from small to large.

We’d love to show you how the Cisco/LGE integration works. Meet us at Integrated Systems Europe 2018 in Amsterdam from February 6-9.



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  1. Does this use the Touch10 room API to talk to the LG displays directly over Ethernet?

    Are there any further technical detail on this?

    • Jonathan – The seamless experience that Snorre is referring to uses CEC2.0. The Room Kit / Room Series endpoint uses the CEC protocol, which is part of the HDMI standard, to communicate with the screen. It uses only the HDMI port in order to do this.
      From the API of the codec, you can actually see CEC information regarding the screen; it is a two-way communication between the codec and the screen. If you use the API command "xStatus Video Output" you will be able to see the CEC information.
      There is no communication over IP between the codec and the screen, or between the Touch 10 and the screen. It is all done using the CEC protocol over the HDMI cable.
      Although we use CEC with many different screen brands, it is only the commercial LG screens where this advanced seamless functionality has been implemented, in a joint engineering effort between LC and Cisco.

  2. Adds to simplicity

  3. Great!

    May we assume that these displays are the ones related to this solution or are there any other displays involved?

    49” UHD(49UH5C)
    55” UHD(55UH5C)
    65” UHD(65UH5C)
    75” UHD(75UH5C)
    86” UHD(86UH5C)
    98” UHD(98LS5D)

  4. Reducing complexity is the key to driving user adoption!

  5. It is great to see this level of integration and support. To make life even easier it would be nice to have these large displays such as the 98LS95D-B configurable on GPL through the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) portal.

  6. Any demos available for this integration ?

  7. I'd love to see the LG displays as an option on the data sheets for the Spark Room Kits. That would truly simplify things.

  8. Are we planning to partner with other monitor providers like Samsung in the near future?

    • Nothing concrete, but we're certianly open to any partnerships that help our customers more easily deploy video.

  9. Does Cisco Room Kit, LGE Display, and the Cisco Touch 10 integration work for on-premise CUCM, VCS registered Room Kit?

    • Yes! The products work together regardless of whether the Room Kit is registered to on-premises infrastructure or to the cloud.