Solution for Open Workspaces

For years, I sat in a private office and used a speakerphone for most of my meetings. Everything changed drastically when my team and I moved into an open workspace. The new work environment presented a new set of challenges. There was noise coming in from all directions.

When I spoke with our customers, I realized you too have been struggling with this shift. So, I knew we needed to help.

We sell millions of IP phones every year. We know that many of these IP phones go into open workspaces. And we want to deliver the best collaboration experience for these noisy work environments. This is why we created the Cisco Headset 500 Series.

Amplifying sound quality

We are excited to announce a new professional range of headsets for Cisco IP phones and soft clients. Cisco meticulously designed the headsets to help you stay focused in noisy environments. They are ideal for people who work side by side in contact centers and open spaces.

“What sets these headsets apart in the market is the quality of the audio experience given the lightweight design. These reliable headsets offer superior audio quality, noise-isolation technology, and lightweight comfort. ”
–Richard Bayes, Liberty Technology, beta tester

Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your headset is compatible with Cisco IP phones and soft clients.

Promoting collaboration

When you connect your Headset 500 Series to your Cisco IP phone, the phone automatically detects the headset. Match the Cisco Headset 500 Series with your Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series and the interface guides you through a simple set-up process.

Need help? Get connected with the Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series Accessories Guide or Cisco Headset 500 Series User Guide

It doesn’t get any easier. The seamless integration of Cisco’s new headsets with the IP Phone 8800 Series is one way we are making products that work with you and for you.

Key facts about Cisco Headset 500 Series:

  • Includes two wired headset options: a single and dual earpiece
  • Supports Cisco IP phones, Cisco DX Series, Cisco Jabber, Cisco WebEx, and Cisco Spark
  • Optional USB headset adapter offers automatic software upgrades and in-call presence indicator
  • Audio customization settings allow you to adjust how you hear callers and your voice volume level
  • Estimated average selling price is $90 to $120 depending on model selected
Cisco headset compatibility
Cisco’s new headsets integrate with the 8800 Series IP phones

I have been using my new headset in my open work area and loving it. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Learn more about the Cisco Headset 500 Series

Update: Did you know that Cisco Headsets are now optimized for use with Microsoft Skype for Business? Click to read more


John Reeder

Senior Director of Product Management

Unified Communications Technology Group (UTCG)