According to Frost and Sullivan, the cloud communications market is set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% from 2017 to 2024. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, service providers have to improve operational efficiencies and deliver new cloud communications services.

We are happy to announce the newest release of Cisco BroadWorks, our reliable, scalable, and mobile-first software communications platform for service providers. We have been working very hard to ensure that this release includes some key updates that help our customers improve their operational efficiencies.

What’s new with Release 23?

Cisco BroadWorks release 23 introduces new mobile capabilities that significantly reduce operational challenges for service providers. There are several enhancements to the platform and components that improves security and user experience.

Mobile Network Enhancements

Cisco BroadWorks supports Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC), which enables end users to have a single identity for their communications needs, regardless of which device they use or location they work from. Users can carry their uniform identity and services across all mobile phones, desk phones, tablets, or desktops, and even pull active calls from device to device.

Release 23 includes several updates including enhancements to application server (AS) and interfaces. This release enables interworking between stand-alone BroadWorks system and IMS or Mobile CS network without SCF. Further, it enables flexible “direct routing” of Mobile DNs. It also includes full persona management capabilities.

These network integration enhancements allow mixed-mode SIP application server where a single user can have both IMS and non-IMS (NGN) devices with full BroadWorks UC capabilities.

Other updates include enhancements to personal assistant, ability to configure alternate outbound number, incoming call barring, mobility persona-based translations, and accounting enhancements. Finally, the release includes updates to 3GPP specific features.

Additional release 23 updates

Enhancements to Unified Messaging: Includes several enhancements to voice portal to improve the experience for mobile users and adds fraud protection.

Additional service functionality: Includes personal assistant enhancements, network URL dialing policy enhancement, and silent bridge connection.

Platform enhancements: Device management updates to override device type configurations at enterprise and service provider levels and allows system admin tags that cannot be overridden at lower levels. Simplifications to CTI notifications UCaaS requests from BroadWorks, security enhancements, regulatory related updates and SCF hardening and monitoring updates including addition of alarms.

Networks Management: Enhancements to licensing, updates to Unix management, graphical enhancements and addition of enterprise migration tool.

SIP Trunking: Incremental enhancements, like better determination of physical location, introduction of new terminating alternating trunk identity service, and increased concurrency of SIP trunking calls through unmapped sessions.

Media Enhancements: Includes improved performance measurement counters, HTTPs support for VXML/CCXML. Also includes mixer capacity enhancements and voice messaging file format enhancement.

WebRTC server (WRS) enhancements: Allows WRS deployment in cloud environments that front WRS with a static port forwarding NAT, such as AWS. Allows single WRS to support registering and non-registering clients. Support for IPv6 and QOS and increases non-transcoding capacity.

Cisco BroadWorks is designed to enable all service providers to migrate gracefully from legacy networks to next-generation cloud architectures, which offer significant operational and competitive advantages. Business customers appreciate the wide range of Cisco BroadWorks applications, which help them to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, integrate seamlessly with popular business applications, and streamline their critical business processes.

This is the result of a proven, carrier-class solution that is recognized for delivering continually evolving features that deliver enhanced communications and collaboration services.

Cisco BroadWorks helps service providers migrate to a cloud infrastructure today or on their timeline for network transformation. Based on a modular software platform architecture, Cisco BroadWorks is deployed over multiple, industry-standard functional servers for optimized performance and scale. With well over 20 million users to date, Cisco BroadWorks has been proven in all types of networks including fixed, mobile, and converged, providing the reliability and resilience that our global service provider customers require.

At Cisco we believe we are building products and services that delivers customer success and profitability. Cisco BroadWorks release 23 supports that vision to improve efficiency and deliver continued success.

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Arvind Rangarajan

Global Product Marketing Manager

Collaboration Marketing