Particular songs often come to mind when I’m thinking about certain words. It’s usually a 1:1 relationship of song to word, but the mental jukebox for champions seems to vary between Queen’s “We Are the Champions” and “Gonna Fly Now,” also known as the theme from “Rocky.”

When I join a Cisco Champion Radio episode or read a blog post from a Cisco Champion, one of those songs often serves as the soundtrack only I can hear.

Who are the Cisco Champions? Perhaps you should be one. Now is the time to nominate yourself or a colleague for consideration for 2015!  Let’s start with the biggest questions:

  • Are you passionate about collaboration technology?
  • Do you love expanding and sharing your knowledge?

Yes? OK, let’s move on to the next round.

Are you interested in opportunities to interact with like-minded technologists and…

  • Connect with a global network of peers across industries?
  • Get direct access to Cisco experts?
  • Contribute to and enhance the way people use the latest technologies?
  • Share your expertise and thoughts on Cisco blogs and podcasts?
  • Support your peers in social communities, forums, and networks?
  • Receive invitations to exclusive events
  • Get recognition for your contributions?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions  — or know someone who does — consider becoming a Cisco Champion for Collaboration. See our announcement in the Cisco Champions Community and submit your nomination. (Be sure to mention “Collaboration” when you apply.)

Nominations are due by October 31, 2014 for the “Class of 2015” membership year.

Act now! It’s a great opportunity to participate and to get to know your industry and your peers better. We need your voice. Gonna fly now…


Kim Austin

No Longer with Cisco