Webex Provides a World of Possibilities

Earlier this year, we thought we knew all the possibilities for our collaboration solutions. By harnessing the power of our amazing people and technology, we’ve expanded those possibilities further and faster than we thought we could. Our collaboration team undertook the almost unimaginable task enabling people across the globe to work remotely, all at once, overnight.

Cisco’s job is to keep the world running, securely connected. Even before the pandemic, nearly half the world’s video conferencing ran on Webex. In April, we had well over 500 million meeting participants generating 25 BILLION meeting minutes – that’s three times our normal monthly average. Cisco employees worked night and day, partnering with our customers and partners to learn and adapt — to traffic patterns, home networks, and unprecedented levels of people turning on their video. The fundamental strength of our network shined.

Continue to Count on Webex for Secure Collaboration

Cisco is committed to supporting our customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and communities. We’ve invested in more capacity to ensure that Webex will continue to be there for you, as we collectively define what’s next. Security has always been at the core of what we stand for as a company and how we’ve designed our products from the ground up. It can’t be simply bolted on to a product as an afterthought; it must be thoughtfully built in to keep customers safe. I’m proud to say that today we are expanding security even further with DLP and Compliance for Meetings. This gives an extraordinary level of security and protection for all meeting content – recordings, transcriptions, action items, and highlights. This is yet another industry-first security offering for Webex.

The Next Normal — Considerations for Every IT Leader

We believe the need for remote work will continue in parallel while you plan for a return to the office. Webex already helps you work and stay productive from any location through our Webex App.

You can call, message, meet, and share regardless of location, whether on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. We’re now making it easier for you to collaborate in meetings with Webex Assistant.

Webex Assistant – Not Just for Devices but for Meetings

Man on computer screen Earlier this year, we introduced Cisco Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings – the first virtual, in-meeting assistant for the enterprise.  Webex Assistant does it all for you, eliminating the need to take notes, capture action items, or find meeting controls – a lifesaver in today’s highly distributed work environment. Today, we are making Webex Assistant available to all Webex customers* for a free trial. What’s even more exciting is that you can combine the Webex Assistant and the Webex enterprise free trials for a full Webex experience. Learn more here.

*not yet available to Webex Online customers

Scaling IT for the Next Normal: Actionable Insights Delivered

To create a thoughtful plan that balances both remote work and office environments across your entire organization, you need real-time visibility and insights into your collaboration users, resources, and workspaces. And, you’ll need the flexibility to access this data on demand from any location.

Enter Cisco Webex Control Hub, our powerful collaboration command center. We’re making it even better by expanding its ability to help you manage and monitor the utilization and performance of workspaces immediately, easily pinpointing how to improve user experiences by drilling down into ‘real-time meetings’ data.

Quickly deploy Webex Assistant for devices across all your conference rooms to minimize the number of times people touch the screens or touchpads in shared spaces. Get actionable insights on meeting space usage, room capacity (to ensureOptimizing Workspaces: New Meeting Room Options alignment with your health and safety guidelines), and changing workstyle patterns throughout the transition back to the office – all delivered through Cisco Webex Control Hub.

We’ve also added a Cloud-Connected UC feature to Cisco Webex Control Hub. This gives customers with Unified Communications Manager (UCM) resources a global view making it easier for IT managers to optimize system operations and health from any location. Learn more here.

Optimizing Workspaces— New Meeting Room Options

As organizations plan employees’ return to the office, we believe there will be a heightened emphasis on making every shared space both productive and safe. The new Webex Room Phone is redefining the experiences phones provide to users by having the power of Webex and all its familiar features built right into the device.

Seamless Workflows Move Work Forward From Anywhere

We know that being productive is so much more than meetings, which is why we continue to integrate more of the tools people use every day. We are excited about our latest new integration with Box enabling users to easily access and manage files from within the Webex App. The Box integration is in addition to existing ones in place with Microsoft OneDrive and Google.

Making the world work on the enterprise level isn’t our only priority. We’re helping connect people to others, personally and professionally. Our innovations are also building a bridge between patients and healthcare providers through our new Webex Telehealth Connector. Highly secure, browser-based video consultations mean that patients can just get the care they need – quickly and easily – from the comfort of their home.

What’s Next?

While we don’t know what the future holds, we do know that the way we work has forever changed. As we adapt, Webex will continue to innovate and deliver the secure collaboration experiences you depend on, no matter what lies ahead.

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Javed Khan

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Collaboration