“Less is more” is overrated. And the new Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro flips that concept on its head. It includes the most advanced video codec on the planet and supports complex conferencing scenarios such as boardrooms, auditoriums, and other complex AV integrations including multiple screens, cameras, and content sources.

The Room Kit Pro tops Cisco’s broad portfolio of video collaboration devices. And it’s just one of the new devices we’re announcing today. All the devices in the portfolio combine with Cisco applications like Webex Meetings and Webex Teams to create a powerful platform for team collaboration.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

Multiplying the possibilities of people + content

Cisco has video devices in about 1.5 million meeting rooms around the world. One of the reasons for this success has been an integrator-focused product called the SX80. The Room Kit Pro replaces the SX80, leapfrogging a generation of technology and providing plenty of headroom for continued expansion to support the scenarios you dream up.

Integrators will appreciate that Room Kit Pro supports any size screen. And with three 4k outputs, you can bring any number of people-centered and content-centered scenarios to life. The Room Kit Pro has:

  • 6 concurrent video inputs
  • 3 outputs – two 4kp60 and one 4kp30
  • 8 microphone inputs
  • Cloud and on-prem registration

The Webex Room Kit Pro also has the same artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that people love on the rest of the Room Kit products: intelligent views, noise suppression, voice commands, and people count.

Webex Room Kit Pro
Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

Screen manufacturers LGE and Samsung are seamlessly integrated with the Webex Room Kit Pro, making the meeting experience smoother. There’s no need to use separate remote controls or learn different user interfaces.

Integrators see the possibilities as well. “A singular core appliance in a large room changes the game,” explains Aaron McArdle, CEO of RoomReady. “The Room Kit Pro simplifies the overall architecture and allows partner/integrators like us to deliver a large conference room, auditorium, or training room without the need for additional systems. We can customize complex workspaces with open APIs and analytics, providing insights on how spaces are used, making meeting experiences more engaging, and opening up new ways of working across our customer organizations.”

I think we can all agree now, more is more for integrators.

Cisco Webex Room 70 G2

An integrated system based on the most advanced codec

A new addition to the Room Series portfolio, the all-in-one Room 70 G2 system is a revved-up version of the existing Room 70. The Room 70 G2 sports the new and more powerful Cisco Webex Codec Pro as its technology platform. That means you have more inputs and outputs to cover more meeting scenarios and larger rooms. Add another screen for content or install a Precision 60 camera in the back of the room to give presenters flexibility to move around. Add more screens and microphones to cover extra-large rooms. The Room 70 G2 will have the same AI and machine learning features with presenter track, intelligent views, noise suppression, voice commands, and people count. All these enhancements and the Room 70 G2 will cost the same as today’s Room 70. More power, more functionality, same price.

The Room 70 G2 is available with single or dual screens and can be registered on-prem or in the cloud.

Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual

Twice the screen real estate for mid-sized rooms

If your customers like the Cisco Webex Room 55 all-in-one, they’ll love the new Room 55 Dual. Based on the design of the MX700, the Room 55 Dual features two 55-inch screens, a built-in quad camera bar, wifi, Bluetooth, and the Codec Plus as its technology platform. This gives you all the great AI features including intelligent views, noise suppression, voice commands, and people count. And the best part: It comes to market with a list price 20% below that of the MX700. You get the same award-winning industrial design with more power, more features, greater functionality, and a price reduction!

The Room 55 Dual completes Cisco’s all-in-one system portfolio to cover the most popular meeting room scenarios. The Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual brings consistency across the platform and can be cloud or on-prem registered.

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro, Cisco Webex Room 70 G2, and the Room 55 Dual are available this month.

Cisco has a complete portfolio of video devices for every use and room size. Check them out

The devices are one part of a complete collaboration platform that provides a consistently amazing experience, whether you join from a device or app. For example, you’ll find a big green button that enables one-button-to-push easy joining of calls. Integrate our devices with the Cisco Webex Teams app to start a call, file share, or whiteboard from Cisco Webex Teams on a personal device.



Snorre Kjesbu

Senior Vice President/General Manager of Webex Devices

Meeting Room Systems