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Acano Joins Cisco: It’s Official

January 29, 2016 - 26 Comments

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I could write that headline and post this news: We have completed the acquisition of Acano. Today, two winning teams with a common vision for the future of work become one.

Here are the top three things we’ll be delivering together:

#1 Users Will Get More Choice
The iPhone wouldn’t be very popular if it couldn’t call a Samsung Galaxy or a Motorola Moto G, would it? People just wouldn’t buy a phone that couldn’t connect to any other phone. And yet, in the office, we’ve had to tolerate such inoperability. That’s about to change.

Separately, Cisco and Acano have been laser-focused on bringing interoperability to the enterprise. Together, we’ll solve some of the tough problems that have made collaborating at work too hard for too long. This is absolutely critical to the future of collaboration at work, and no one is tackling it better than this new team.

#2 Collaborating at Work Will Get Even Easier
When you get in an elevator, you know exactly how to make the machine take you where you want to go. The same should be true for the tools you use to collaborate at work—you shouldn’t need manuals or someone from IT to intervene. Connecting should be simple, magical even. The technology should fade into the background so you can focus on getting great work done. Cisco and Acano have both been working to fine-tune the user experience across our entire portfolio, and we have great things in store.

 #3 More People Will Be Able to Join the Discussion
Once upon a time, video was something used by fairly small teams of mostly executives. Back then, it was considered a huge feat to have a hundred people on a video call. Those days are long gone. Today, we need to be able to have thousands—even tens of thousands—of people on the same call. They all want to see and be seen and share content and audio. Make no mistake: This is not easy and the Acano team has solved several key challenges in delivering collaboration at hyperscale.

The bottom line: Cisco and Acano were doing great things separately. Together, the sky is the limit.

 Acano Team: Welcome to Cisco.

Customers: Fasten your seatbelts. We’re just getting started and couldn’t be more excited about where this ride is headed. Stay tuned!

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  1. Congrats you all ! Great !

  2. It would be so great if Cisco ‘and’ Acano would simplify also the barriers to allow ALL common users to connect with video including the majors (my point of german view today:):
    -‘standards-based’ (such as SIP/H.323 with H.264 AVC Baseline)
    -Google Hangouts

    Bluejeans is the only that I know supporting much here but they are expensive and of course it is ‘just’ cloud bridge to me. But they support really much..

    Especially Google Hangout integration is important as the other common edges+clients+ its signaling/encryption/voice/video codec variants are almost fixed within Cisco/Acano. Also with calendering (it starts here in many use cases.still) integration I see a demand. Sorry to speak so open but even I am so excited on what’s going on and it is so great to see Cisco moving forward to a better collaboration experience.


  3. Congratulations Cisco and Acano as one team now. The designers and engineers in Acano have done a great job making audio visual conferencing so easy for everyone. I manage the Cisco video conferencing equipment for my company and I look forward to seeing how we can leverage the Acano technology to take our service to the next level. I am sure a lot of new exciting use cases will be made possible such as allowing a user at home to join a video call and PC presentation with his colleagues spanning various different offices.

  4. Welcome on board! Making connections even more simple!

  5. Exciting. Could you tell us more about : “People just wouldn’t buy a phone that couldn’t connect to any other phone”: the video interoperability breakthrough, I mean. How would you do that? Thank you.

  6. Congratulations to Cisco and Acano. 2 amazing companies coming together to make the business world a better place. Here’s to bringing interoperability to the enterprise. Good luck and god bless to all team members involved. Enjoy the ride!

  7. Congratulations, can’t wait to see what comes from this!

  8. Welcome aboard!

  9. Hey OJ
    I bet you love it when a plan comes together!
    Fantastic if it creates some Cisco inter-op, What next?
    Best regards

  10. Fantastic news! Imagine how we might speed the pace of social change in our society if we can work together

  11. Congratulations to Cisco and Acano – a great deal sealed for both companies!

  12. Congratulations to Cisco and Acano team!

    Really great to see team is helping and making Collaboration simple and efficient technologically and helping global organization/team working closely to move faster and faster

  13. I love the approach Cisco is bringing to interoperability because it really has a big impact on how business is conducted.

  14. Congrats team !

  15. Excited to see where this takes us! Going to be watching closely how we bring Arcano into the Customer Collaboration space where interoperability can be so very challenging. Congrats team!

  16. Welcome back and congrats to you all.

    Looking forward to the seeing the roadmap!

  17. Congrats to Cisco and Acano, i’m very excited to see what you do with your collective collaborative powers!

  18. Fantastic news and congratulations to both teams. Exciting times lie ahead for customers and partners like Dimension Data. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results!

  19. Congratulations!
    Now will Acano be our gateway to get Skype calls into our organizations, without having to use something like BlueJeans?

  20. Congratulations, Rowan and OJ – you are leading the vision for a truly collaborative enterprise. Look forward to a compelling (joint) product offering

  21. Congratulations Acano & CIsco! We (Collaboration Squared) look forward to becoming part of the Cisco partner network and building great cloud collaboration experiences together. You’ve acquired a great technology and team!

  22. I am the founder and CEO of AMT, a Veteran + a Veteran disabled woman owned company that is a healthcare solutions provider. I would like to discuss AMT partnering with CISCO as one of your Federal partners. Whom within CISCO would I need to discuss this with?
    Hugh Douthit