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5 Signs It’s Time to Simplify the Way You Meet

September 15, 2016 - 14 Comments

Think your meetings are havens of productivity, team engagement, and collaboration? Consider this: 70% of employees admit to multitasking during meetings, according to Interaction Associates. We’d like to think that our meetings succeed in moving our projects, and our business, forward. But unfocused, stressful, and ineffective meetings are all too common.

In reality, meetings typically start late. Technology glitches can create hurdles for dispersed teams, slowing productivity. And with the swift pace of change in business, many leaders wonder if meetings are spurring collaboration and innovation. Or whether they’re just creating a big tech headache. If you’re unsure about how “collaboration-friendly” your meetings are, you’re not alone.

Our handy infographic lists five warning signs that your collaboration technology could be holding back your business. Learn some easy tips for better meetings. See how reliable tools like Cisco meeting solutions can simplify everything about the way you work.

Who knows? It might even bring a bit of Zen to your workday.

IJAM infographic4


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  1. Great overview, I’ve shared this multiple times now.

    Part of reducing stress, improving output and most importantly, building a team and morale is the use of the right tools to enable it.

    Collaboration is more important than ever and the right tools will be needed to achieve this.

    Looking forward to what Cisco develops going forward with Spark and WebEx under Rowan’s leadership.

  2. Love it! Makes so much sense when presented this way!

  3. Great Info i must say .. video technology is changing everyday and its getting easier and smoother every time … i personally use video daily in my organization and its definitely a good ice breaker using the video to collaborate with new clients daily …

    • Hi, Chris. It’s great to hear you’re using video daily. And, using it outside your organization with clients. I’m sure they appreciate seeing you each time and that your relationship with them is getting even stronger. Hopefully they’re turning on their video, too.

  4. This is a concise and compelling message – nice work!

  5. Hi Ellie, great overview with a good mixture of inspiration and concrete facts, well done. I will drive more efficient meetings…

    • Hi, Hans. Video really has been an inspiration. People say their meetings are productive, although 70% of participants surveyed said they’re multitasking. That’s very difficult to do with video, and we’re getting so much more work done these days – from our home office, while we’re mobile, and in the office.

  6. I believe one of the most issue against Video Conference (here in Mexico) are two things:

    1.- Poor Bandwidth connections, that cause the video looks awful

    2.- Ashamed – Many people doesn’t like to be in front of a camera, but whatever reason, they feel stalked.

    I think it is a good time to start changing our cultural and be flexible to all this new tools just as many other things, it will take time.

    • Hi, Diana. I like your thinking. The more I use video, the more I see the benefits of building trust with customers and partners. Plus I’m able to brainstorm and innovate in a meeting – which would take so much longer without video. Now I can’t go without it! My recommendation is for people to simply start using it, then share your great experiences with others. It will catch on.

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Great infographic!

    Have experienced the 10-minute tech induced delay at waaaay too many meetings, so can totally relate.

    We in the industry need to work towards making all these tools work together seamlessly. Clearly, we’ve got some work to do.

    • Hi, Darin. Yes, delay in meetings is common, and there are advancements in which technology works together. For example, Microsoft Skype for Business users can join the party and meet with more people using Cisco collaboration technology, on-premises and in the cloud. Also, you can have the meeting call back to your video system. Plus, there’s the ‘big green button’ that starts a video conference with just one touch. I love the Speaker Track feature that focuses in on just the speaker in a larger video room, and it even adjusts and follows you when you stand up. Such great advancements.

  8. This infographic is great, i think videoconferencing is changing the way that we work

    • Thank you, Luis. I agree with you. With so much time spent in meetings, I can say from personal experience that connecting with video is very smooth, and it’s helping me to develop relationships I have with co-workers, customers, and vendors – just as if we were in-person. My meetings are less stressful because I’m focused on the topic at hand, not the technology.