This is the third and final blog in a series on how to get the most from your vacation and hybrid cloud management.

You are looking forward to a day of island hopping. The cruise has been booked, swimming trunks and snorkels packed – you are ready to dive right in. Alas, on the day of the trip the weather gods decided to rain on your parade. Literally. Now what? You can’t afford to waste a precious vacation day cooped up in a hotel room but it’s too late to plan an alternative.

Continuously Optimize for changes

Thankfully, your hotel has an awesome concierge desk. They have been monitoring the weather forecast and proactively created a few alternate options should things not go according to plan. Within minutes of your cruise being canceled, you get a call from the concierge desk offering day passes to the local indoor amusement park. Wave pool, bowling, rides, food court – the whole nine yards. Wouldn’t it be great if your IT infrastructure was this smart in handling change?

Change Management

Change is the only constant. Your IT team knows this too well. Maintaining the health of an ever-changing hybrid cloud environment is not easy: multiple layers of heterogeneous infrastructure, distributed workloads, and applications across different platforms, dynamically changing, require constant monitoring, and decisions about cost, performance and compliance are made at the speed of the cloud. This is a challenge beyond the human scale, and it requires the power of data and analytics to solve.

Transform data into insights across your entire environment

A key part of the value proposition of Intersight is how the platform optimizes your environment and constantly adapts to changes.

Infographic of Intersight benefits
Increase your situational awareness and remediate faster to stay ahead of problems

Intersight leverages intelligence across all layers

Starting with Cisco Intersight Infrastructure Services, hardware and firmware are monitored to help ensure that your systems are always compliant with the Cisco Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)—any unsupported configurations cause automatic alerts. At the same time, Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer analyzes and correlates telemetry across your full stack, from your physical servers to virtualized resources, Kubernetes clusters, and application components, wherever they are, to visualize application and infrastructure dependencies.

In addition, Cisco Intersight offers an always-on connection to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), constantly monitoring your environment to help identify configuration issues before they become problems. It watches for anomalous infrastructure events, capturing log information and providing centralized alerts about failure notifications or policy violations.

Reduce risk and costs – optimize performance

Infographic of Intersight workload placement
Automate complex workload placement decisions with intelligent recommendations

All this telemetry and intelligence captured by Intersight across the different layers of your stack is used to automate tasks and decisions that would be otherwise manual, enabling your environment to truly scale. Using an AI-powered recommendation engine, Intersight continuously assures application performance by automating scaling and placement actions, provisioning resources to meet demand, or correcting misconfigurations to avoid disruptions and unnecessary costs.

Intersight gets smarter over time and adapts better to your unique needs with historical data feeds, producing better real-time recommendations and advanced scenario modelling outputs. Examples of automated tasks include applying security patches and operating system upgrades for physical servers, to licensing for databases on your virtual machines, to resizing and moving workloads for performance and cost, auto-scaling Kubernetes clusters, or applying user access policies across all layers of infrastructure etc.

Finally, Intersight can automatically generate and forward Cisco TAC support cases when required and even raise service requests and return material authorizations (RMAs) automatically.

With complete visibility into on-premises and public cloud application requirements, resource utilization, availability, and costs, Cisco Intersight can improve your overall situational awareness, reduce risk and cost, and free your teams to focus on more important things.

The show must go on

Cisco Intersight can help you smoothly manage disruptions and reduce risk and cost, through complete visibility into on-premises and public cloud application requirements resource utilization, and availability. Allowing your teams to free their focus for more important things, like soaking up that awesome wave pool. Rain or shine.

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