This blog post is a joint collaboration between Peter Kisich, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Cloud & Compute & Co-authored by Julie Fouque, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Cloud & Compute.

One of the most popular features of Cisco Intersight, is the connected Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Using telemetry data from your Intersight-connected IT infrastructure, TAC automatically detects potential issues and notifies you with a recommended resolution before problems arise. It also provides a direct connection to Cisco support for faster issue resolution, requesting help to diagnose issues, and searching for previously opened cases. Customers love connected TAC because they spend less time-solving problems and can focus on strategic initiatives.

Plus, connected TAC is included at no additional charge for all Cisco Intersight customers and is available across any type of target within Intersight.

How Connected TAC Works

To initiate connected TAC, you can claim targets from your IT infrastructure in Cisco Intersight. These could be your UCS servers, HyperFlex, or other devices. Once claimed in Intersight, Cisco TAC always-on virtual support agents automatically detect device faults and automatically open cases to initiate a return material authorization (RMA).

You can also open an incident for any device added to Cisco Intersight with a single click. Once the case is open, a machine-learning algorithm automatically collects and analyzes diagnostic data for known issues and resolutions. The results are sent back to a TAC engineer who reviews the content and sends resolution steps through your preferred contact method.

Connected TAC scanning infrastructure and searching for errors
Figure 1, Shows that once a TAC case is opened, diagnostic data is automatically collected and analyzed

Contract and Warranty Status

TAC assists you in monitoring the current contract and/or warranty status of individual infrastructure components. In addition to being able to view the contract status, Intersight generates reports and notifications when the contract or warranty term is nearing expiration. Service contract status is updated on a biweekly basis.

Infographic of Connected TAC analyzing data and resolving the issue
Figure 2, Shows results are sent back to a TAC Engineer, then updates and resolution steps are sent directly to you

Custom Notifications

An Advantage Tier license can enhance the proactive health of your IT infrastructure even further.  Field notices and critical advisories released by Cisco are tailored to your specific environment.  Intersight then identifies all devices, services, and software exposed to failure or security vulnerability in your  IT infrastructure and recommends remediation.

Image shows list of affected devices
Figure 3, Highlights the list of “Affected Devices”

Here we see specific devices and software versions that are vulnerable to attack or failure and the resolution steps to mitigate the issue(s), many times before it affects production workloads or applications.

Get the help you need to save time and money

Intersight customers see at least a 45-minute reduction in time spent per incident using connected TAC. You can speed up issue resolution, free more time, and ensure your IT infrastructure is running smoothly by activating your free connected TAC in Cisco Intersight.

See it in action

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